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Strategies like Real Promo are specific. Also, in most cases, trading indicators in testing do not reflect real trading, as the testing does not take into account slippage and poor execution of orders. Consider this fact when buying. Trading on the market is always fraught with risk, only you are responsible for your funds.

Real is an automatic robot that trades independently determining the most important resistance and support levels. Real will trade on any charts: DAX30SPX500Bitcoin, EURUSD, Cotton, Brent OIL and so on.

Martingale, averaging and other dangerous strategies are NOT used. Real is full compliance with the FIFO method. Real is suitable for both experienced traders and beginners, more below.

The main features of the apparent superiority of Real over other similar robots is a set of "Smart control Units":

  • Unit for the protection of the order and position of the user from an aggressive conjunctures  of the market or from low-quality services of a broker:
    1. Slip protection if the price does not suit us then we refuse to execute, not all brokers support this feature, therefore, even if the broker did not respond to the signal of this function and opened an order with slippage then the EA Real will immediately start the function:
    2. Stop loss protection - this function is responsible for the fact that no order would not go beyond the established loss strategy, even if there is a force majeure situation. Immediately after the launch, the function begins to modify all positions sending requests to the broker until it executes our orders;
    3. Spread protection - if the price is close to our order with an inflated spread - this function deletes all orders and then restores them at the same level.
    4. Order execution - in addition to ping, there is a real speed of order execution which is not specified anywhere, this is the main indicator of the quality of liquidity. Before the launch, Real will conduct a number of tests and evaluate your broker:
      1. Real speed of modification orders;
      2. Real speed of placing orders;
      3. Check the Stop Level and other indicators;
    5. Real will also capture different situations by taking screenshots and notifying you by Email and push SMS to your phone;
  • Powerful Unit of order tracking which includes:
    1. Virtual Trailing-Stop;
    2. Trailing-Stop ATR;
    3. Trailing-Stop by Parabolic (SAR);
    4. Trailing-Stop by MA;
    5. Trailing-Stop in % and Pips;
    6. Trailing-Stop method by "Noose" type";
    7. As well as many other settings;

  • Support and resistance levels optimization unit:
    1. Optimization of the search period levels;
    2. Timeframe;
    3. The time filter;

With many settings you will be able to easily find profitable settings practical for any chart. The variation of settings is endless. At the same time you do not need to have some knowledge.

For beginners:

  • If you do not understand the principles of configuration or just do not want to delve into the subtleties, just write me a private message and I will gladly help you set up Your account - it's not long;

For experienced:

  • As a developer I created EA Real a very powerful tool that has no equal analogues, but you as a trader should understand the risks and take full responsibility for trading, I in turn will constantly improve, update EA Real and support you. My recommendation:
    1. Do not use settings that have been in common use for a long time;
    2. When optimizing, try to use quotes of your brokers, most 99% of the quotes are third-party and they give no guarantees. Do not forget about the quotes of your broker even if they are 90%;
    3. During optimization, do not specify a low Spread and StopLevel, example: Spread (8) + Commission (0.04 USD) = 12 pips;
    4. Trade with honest brokers with low Stop-Level and fast execution of orders, and also use VPS with low ping;
    5. After installation EA_Real he will conduct tests and will give you the information you need about the broker;

The default settings are for EURUSD H1


Just open the EURUSD H1 chart and set EA_Real with the default settings. After installation, the test will start and EA_Real will evaluate your broker. Also send me a message to get more settings for other charts.

Input parameter

Description of the input parameters can be found in >blog<

Please read the FAQ

Gustavo Moser
Gustavo Moser 2019.04.17 16:46   

Zero - Stars - No Gains - No Support - Don´t Buy EA - Alert!

Vasiliy Mysyagin
Vasiliy Mysyagin 2019.03.06 08:46 

Если смотреть на долгосрочные графики, то депозит слишком колеблется. Сраз�%

3der 2019.03.04 23:45 

avoid! save your money

Gibkeyy 2018.12.10 12:03 

Lost big money (-2500$) with the suggested settings. Developer not helpful at all. Barely answer for the private messages . All nice and shiny in the backtests, you make 100 and 100k-s , but when you release those settings to live account its just loosing . Thats why you cant see a live account myfxbook proof from him .

Chalermchai Kochaphun
Chalermchai Kochaphun 2018.11.22 07:50 

Usuário não fez qualquer comentário quanto a classificação

Gerhard Füssel
Gerhard Füssel 2018.11.21 00:18 

Until now in my opinion this EA looks like an ''unfinished product'' with high potential; i hope the developer goes on with improving as i'm convinced of this EA can be a great one.

Mehdi Faraz Fard
Mehdi Faraz Fard 2018.11.19 17:10 

Usuário não fez qualquer comentário quanto a classificação

sheaosaurus 2018.11.17 18:52 

Spent about a week backtesting 8 years of tickdata and found a solid set for EURUSD with acceptable DD. I believe the initial complaints came from the fact that the default settings include 2 settings for indicator time frames, both of which default to M1, when they should be set to current. If you don't catch this, it leads to poor results. My set works well on H1, M30 and M15, but most consistent and profitable is M30. Average I have been up in two months on a real account is 35% per month.

Ghero 2018.10.29 12:20 

I rented this EA for one moth. After this period I haven't had neither profit neither losses, maybe thanks to other Expert I own. Fortunately I didn't load so much risk so losses weren't so big. After a good start on EURUSD pair, I have had some trouble with this one. Better on GBPUSD or Gold.

I'm not totally satisfied

masa 2018.10.27 03:40 

No Profitable

Xiaoliang Yang
Xiaoliang Yang 2018.10.24 14:25 

IOSS 20%for e week

Alessio Bizzarri
Alessio Bizzarri 2018.10.22 20:07 

Like all BreckOut scalpers, after a while they stop working on all brokers, this has already stopped working.

Last week on Gold I saved a StoLoss of € 500 closed -120 € & Removed from the account.

Now try on a small bill 100 € see as it goes ..

Upload News about traders ..

Tahar Trabelsi
Tahar Trabelsi 2018.10.22 17:36 

No Profitable

Casper G
Casper G 2018.10.21 04:31 

I lost about 50% of my account within 2 weeks.

Iury Mendes Da Silva
Iury Mendes Da Silva 2018.10.21 01:15 

Small profits, big losses... I'm disappointed.

wanjpt 2018.10.21 00:19   

This one need optimizations, lost 90 percent of my account in a week,cotton and gold took big lots while my settings were only 0.1, for now i will discontinue this EA until an update that works is available.

Tommy_The_Gun 2018.10.20 12:29 

I lost about 24% of my account within 3 weeks. Backtesting only shows a maximum DD of about 5-10% and a win rate of 75%. On a live ICmarkets 1:500 ECN account with the MQL5 VPS, DD is already at 24% and a win rate of only 60%. So there is a big difference between backtesting and a live account (or maybe I just need to give the EA more time).

The Real EA has a lot of potential, but it needs a lot more updates and optimization. The Author seems very inresponsive and too busy to reply to messages (although he is in the process of hiring someone to mitigate this issue). So at this moment I do not recommend this EA and if you are looking to buy it, I would first wait for the author to optimize it and to show actual LIVE account results before buying. This EA needs a lot of work and is very much unfinished and therefore the price is way to high in my opinion. That said, I do think this EA has a lot of potential if it gets finetuned.

*At this moment I will stop using this EA, and until the author updates the EA and can show me a live account that is profitable I will not use it and leave this review as is. When the author does update it and shows me live account data I am willing to give it another try and will then adjust this review accordingly.

Marta.Toren 2018.10.19 21:17 

1 week: eurusd +14%/xauusd +28%/ger30 +3%/

2 week: eurusd +2%/xauusd -3%/ger30 +5%/

3 week: eurusd +5%/xauusd +16%/ger30 +39%/

4 week: eurusd -3%/xauusd +9%/ger30 +15%/

5 week: eurusd -8%/xauusd -6%/ger30 +11%/

after 5 weeks on real account: +127%/analysis on myfxbook/

unlike other similar EA break-out, this EA Real makes money.

If this continues, I recommend it.

8tango 2018.10.19 14:11 

After 2 weeks of trading on my live account, result is -2.1%. First week: +5.3%. Second week: -7.4%.

Yongfu Li
Yongfu Li 2018.10.17 05:05   

i have bought it,could give me zhe set of EURUSD,XAUUSD,DE30?

Pankom Sriboonlue
Pankom Sriboonlue 2018.10.16 21:13 

"Very Promising EA"

BTs were excellence ..

FWTs on Demo show positive results...

Running on Real Account with profits...

Thank to Sergey

dngale41 2018.10.11 22:09 

For right now, I'm rating this EA based off of 1 year back test of EURUSD, XAUUSD, DE30, and 4 days of live performance. So far, it looks like an excellent EA.

Leonidas 2018.10.11 18:18 

excllent EA......Good support

Congratulations for your try!!!

Benson Huang
Benson Huang 2018.10.11 14:34 

Real is an EA with highly potential.

It passes 8 years of simulations on strict conditions, even it has hard Stop Loss, no martingale and no hedge.

The most important of all, It has a small draw down and profitable.

Evanlim 2018.10.11 04:44 

Very broker dependence on slippage. Even have VPS on Equinix NY but still slipped constantly on ICM. Trailing features not 100% working.

yukifune 2018.10.10 10:13 

This EA is made by open source custom

The ZIGZAG indicator is the base.

There is only a way to stop the loss, either Rosscut or a trade stop.

There is no hedge.

koj tan
koj tan 2018.10.09 12:03 

I tried using EURUSD H1, but it is not a good result.

noshali 2018.10.09 10:34 

Very good EA and excellent support. Will keep posted of the results. Amazing backtest results on very strict parameters.

Evgenii Aksenov
Evgenii Aksenov 2018.10.05 06:22 

Сергей, ответьте пожалуйста на вопрос отправленный в личку 10.04: "Подскажите, на сколько ваша стратегия в советнике Real чувствительна к ночным расширениям спреда брокером? У меня Альпари ECN и они выключают каждую полночь сервер на 5 минут и расширяют спред до 80 пунктов в течение первых 15 минут. Есть еще какие-то рекомендации которые вы можете мне дать для этого типа счета и брокера?"


peronpmt4 2018.10.04 20:36 

I confirm after two weeks balance negative!! I hope to upgrade in positive comment in the future!

AirOne1 2018.09.25 12:43 

have been using for 3 weeks. Losses are much more than small profits.

Marcus Nyman
Marcus Nyman 2018.09.23 10:28 

Backtest results with 8 years performance, variable spreads and commissions - Check

Profitable live trading - Check

Live trading match backtest result - Check

Future longterm stability - Check

Looking forward to the continued development with more pairs

iwilllonger 2018.09.20 08:42 

perfect...great...excellent...very good EA....

Sergey Lisnyak is a very excellent EA author.This is his second EA and I bought it immediately.I trust his EAs can make our dreams come true.

Attila Temesvari
Attila Temesvari 2018.09.17 22:26 

Excellent product, very friendly developer.

Wei_Yi 2018.09.14 21:32 

update- i so far get good results with ea real

this is week eurusd -1% xauusd +14% de30 +4% = +17%

also i started new other pair

all thanks



+37% to my account in a short time! I will update every week. I use XAUUSD, EURUSD, DE 30. All thanks.

Versão 1.71 2018.10.10
-Fix bug with MagicNumber [You can find your magic number in logs]
Versão 1.7 2018.10.06
-added engine [beta 1.0]
-added simple trailing [if you had problems with trailing stop]
-automatically magic number [you can view it in the log at startup ]
-dynamic stop loss [version 1.0 will be improved, you can already use it]
-automatically ReGiz [if you do not have the necessary files on the VPS, the robot automatically switches to the internal resources mode and continues to work]
Versão 1.6 2018.09.25
-fix small bugs [comments, tests]
Versão 1.5 2018.09.17
- The Protected SL function is temporarily stopped - [Will be included again soon. after adapting to various brokers]
Versão 1.4 2018.09.17
-Fixed bug with trailing Stop - [some brokers with large Stop level trailing stop was lagging. now it is fixed]
-Opened magic number - [magic number can be changed in the Trailing Stop Unit. Initiated by Eric Ruvalcaba]
Versão 1.1 2018.09.10
bug fix of the function Screenshots. Screenshots are stored in the folder [....\MQL4\Files\real_shots\]