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This is EA places OCO orders just before the market events such as employment statistics. 

Settlement is carried out by the trailing stop.

It is possible to place OCO orders two times. 


  • magic - set magic number.
  • lots - set the number of lots. 0.1 means ten thousand currency.
  • The OpenDateTime: When it comes to the local time that you set, you can place the OCO order.
  • The CloseDateTime: When it comes to the local time that you set, and then close the ticket.
  • profitPips - set profit in pips.
  • losscutPips - set losscut in pips. In some cases to be closed by the internal logic.
  • BreakEven - set lowest profit in pips.
  • TrailingStop - set trailing in pips.
  • TrapIntervalPips: set OCO interval in pips.
  • OcoCancel: if one of the OCO orders has been committed, whether or not to cancel the other one (1:do ,0:do not).
  • UpdateSecond: set screen update time.
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Versão 3.90 2015.05.11
If you took the position, additional horizontal line displays breakeven and trailing stop
Versão 3.80 2014.06.13
I added BreakEven parameter. It means minimum profit pips.