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All Nighter EA Free

This is a free version All-Nighter EA. The free version opens only buy trades on certain days of the week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday).

This is an automatic Expert Advisor designed for scalping during the period of low market volatility. The EA uses an advanced algorithm to find the entry points, as well as several additional filters for entering and exiting the market. The Ea does not require optimization or any additional configuration.

Monitoring of the full version of the Expert Advisor: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/author/whitelake


  • Does not use martingale, averaging, does not keep losing deals.
  • All orders are equipped with StopLoss and TakeProfit invisible to the broker.
  • Does not require optimization and configuration. Uses ready-made strategies.
  • Flexible risk management system.
  • Advanced algorithm for entering and exiting the market.
  • Spread control.

Trade and testing

  • Trading pair: EURUSD
  • Timeframe: M1
  • Minimum deposit: $30.
  • Requires an ECN account with minimal spread (recommended brokers are listed in the Comments section and on the signal page).
  • VPS with the minimum latency to the broker's server is required for trading.
  • It is highly recommended to perform testing on tick data with 99.9% quality.
  • Testing prior to 2016 is not recommended, the EA is adjusted to the current market.


  • strategy_mode: select the strategy (StopLoss should be set manually for each strategy).
    1. S1_EURUSD_M1 - conservative strategy. Recommended StopLoss: 23
    2. S2_EURUSD_M1 - aggressive strategy. Recommended StopLoss: 23
    3. S4_EURUSD_M1 - aggressive strategy. Recommended StopLoss: 11 to 16
    4. S5_EURUSD_M1 - conservative strategy with additional protection against false entries. Recommended StopLoss: 20
  • MagicNumber: identifier of the EA.
  • Slippage: Slippage.
  • Fix lot: fixed lot (if Risk per trade: 0).
  • Risk per trade: risk. Lot size is calculated automatically based on the deposit size and possible loss by stop loss. For example: at a value of 5, closing a deal by stop loss loses 5% of the deposit. The lot size is displayed in the information panel.
  • Stop Loss: fixed StopLoss. Specified as for 4-digit quotes, automatically recalculated for 5-digit quotes.
  • GMT Offset. Specify the summer time of your broker.


  1. It is not recommended using a value of Risk per trade greater than 5%, especially for aggressive strategies. Please note that after hitting stop loss two times in a row at a risk of 10%, you will lose 20% of the deposit.
  2. Use brokers that are reliable and have shown decent results in trading with this Expert Advisor. The list can be found in the settings and in the description of the trading signal.
  3. Do not trade in a thin market in the second half of the December and the first half of January. The risk of losses in increased at this time.
  4. In case of significant volatility during the day, especially with a strong one-way movement, it is better to monitor the trading of the EA, or to stop the trading at night.
  5. If you use multiple instances of the EA on different charts with different strategies simultaneously, it is necessary to reduce the risk on each of them by the number of instances used. For example, if you plan to risk 10% per trade and run 4 instances of the EA, then each of them should have a risk of 2.5%.
  6. Remember that past profit does not guarantee future profit.
Victor Manuel Valderrama Zamora
Victor Manuel Valderrama Zamora 2018.12.10 19:10 

Small profits but its a free EA so its good!

Mohammad Oladi
Mohammad Oladi 2018.12.01 14:11 

Thanks for this EA

I would like test it now and make a review later...

mlucouw 2018.11.26 15:23 

Great EA 2 weeks no loss yet!

Great seller also! :) "Very happy!!!

Mehdi Faraz Fard
Mehdi Faraz Fard 2018.11.21 14:31 

Usuário não fez qualquer comentário quanto a classificação

Iury Mendes Da Silva
Iury Mendes Da Silva 2018.10.21 14:35 

Excellent job! This EA certainly has a great potential.

AirOne1 2018.10.12 14:22 


LUIZ CLAUDIO TRANNIN 2018.10.09 07:08 

Wonderful EA, very well built in its smallest details, very stable and virtually no losses. I use this free version in an Icmarkets account with 130 Dollars and the results are incredible.

Seksan Puttasan
Seksan Puttasan 2018.09.28 08:47 

I tried the EA test.

It's a very good EA of performance.

I use it in the real account if the 1 year good profit.

I will buy a full body.

Mohammad Rajaur Rahman
Mohammad Rajaur Rahman 2018.08.14 22:03 

Backtest and signal provided by the Author is really fantastic. But this free version has limited capabilities. I had it put on real account yesterday. one trade was made both on my account and author's. It was a loss for me and his account made profit. Ofcourse he was using the full paid version of the EA.

m1chael 2018.08.08 22:50 

profitable and very safe EA.

good job!