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R747 BreakOut EA

R747 BreakOut EA is a fully automated Expert Advisor that analyzes the market trend and moves orders to breakeven. It contains a smart algorithm to determine the support and resistance levels based on the latest market trend and breakouts of these levels. This trend is calculated for a period that can be easily modified by user.

This EA is fully customizable by user. For safer trading, it includes slippage protection as well as protection during high spreads on the market.

It does not use martingale, hedging or any other dangerous strategies.

This EA is designed for multicurrency trading, best performing on the H1 timeframe.

Initial settings are used for EURUSD H1.


  • Use True ECN broker with a low spread and a low-latency VPS server
  • Use EURUSD H1 for trading with this EA
  • Avoid brokers with low market liquidity to avoid high slippage
  • Use minimal deposit of 100 USD
  • Adapt risk settings according to account equity and always verify with backtest


  • Magic: Unique magic number to identify orders
  • BiasPipsBuy: Adjust buy pending orders in pips
  • BiasPipsSell: Adjust sell pending orders in pips
  • PastBars: Number of bars used to determine levels
  • TotalPastBars: Number of bars used for computation
  • EnableBuyOrder: Enable/Disable long orders
  • EnableSellOrder: Enable/Disable short orders
  • ReverseMode: Enable/Disable reversal mode
  • MaxOrders: Set number of placed orders in one direction (If MaxOrders > 1, then Risk is also increased by number of MaxOrders)
  • DistanceOrders: Distance between placed orders in one direction
  • UseAutolot: Enable/Disable automatic lot adjustment
  • Risk: If UseAutolot enabled set risk in % to calculate lot size
  • FixedLotSize: If UseAutolot disabled set fixed lot size
  • MinLot: If UseAutolot enabled set min lot size
  • MaxLot: If UseAutolot enabled set max lot size
  • MinAccountEquity: Set minimal account equity in your currency. If reached this equity, EA will stop
  • SlippageProtect: Enable/Disable slippage protection
  • Slippage: Slippage in pips if SlippageProtect enabled
  • MaxSpread: Maximum allowed spread for trading
  • TakeProfit: Take profit in pips
  • StopLoss: Stop loss in pips
  • UseBreakEven: Enable/Disable breakeven function
  • BreakEven: Breakeven in pips
  • LockInPips: Lock stop loss in pips
  • UseTrailingStop: Enable/Disable trailing stop loss function
  • TrailingStop: Trailing stop in pips
  • TrailingStep: Trailing step in pips
  • OpenMonCloseFri: Enable/Disable closing orders during weekend
  • UseTimeManagement: Enable/Disable daily time orders opening and closing
  • UseDayManagement: Enable/Disable trading on selected days
  • TradeMonday: Enable/Disable trading on Monday
  • TradeTuesday: Enable/Disable trading on Tuesday
  • TradeWednesday: Enable/Disable trading on Wednesday
  • TradeThursday: Enable/Disable trading on Thursday
  • TradeFriday: Enable/Disable trading on Friday
  • CloseHour: Hour to close orders if used any kind of time management
  • CloseMinute: Minutes to close orders if used any kind of time management
  • OpenHour: Hour to open orders if used any kind of time management
  • OpenMinute: Minutes to open orders if used any kind of time management
  • AvoidTradingHours: Comma separated hours during that EA is stopped
  • GMT: Set GMT offset (2 - default)
  • CommentOrders: - Comment for orders

News filter never works in back-test !!

Note: For the news filter function in the terminal go to: "Tools -> Options -> Expert Advisors" and add the "http://ec.forexprostools.com/" tothe Allowed URLs

  • HighImpactNews - Enable/Disable High impact news filter
  • HighStopMinutesBefore - Minutes before high impact news that EA won't open new position
  • HighStopMinutesAfter - Minutes after high impact news that EA won't open new position
  • MediumImpactNews - Enable/Disable Medium impact news filter
  • MediumStopMinutesBefore - Minutes before medium impact news that EA won't open new position
  • MediumStopMinutesAfter - Minutes after medium impact news that EA won't open new position
  • LowImpactNews - Enable/Disable Low impact news filter
  • LowStopMinutesBefore - Minutes before low impact news that EA won't open new position
  • LowStopMinutesAfter - Minutes after low impact news that EA won't open new position
Nikita Chernyshov
Nikita Chernyshov 2019.04.15 05:43 

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Walison Henrique Teixeira
Walison Henrique Teixeira 2019.04.15 00:00 

This EA is fake. Doesn't work and blow up your account.

RangerHU 2018.11.30 11:28   

it does not working on the real account...


Ren Wu
Ren Wu 2018.11.21 05:41 

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Mehdi Faraz Fard
Mehdi Faraz Fard 2018.11.19 17:12 

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Barodar85 2018.10.30 16:59 

Small gains and very big losses, lost all the gains made during 2 months, do not recommend.

Please do not be disguised by the back test.

vahicl 2018.10.22 21:52 

it's bullshit. it completely destroyed my account.

edit: the funny thing is that he increased the price from 250 to 375, after getting these negative reviews.

Jonathan Moss
Jonathan Moss 2018.10.15 00:46 

I haven't made any money using this and have stopped using it as a result.

peronpmt4 2018.10.09 18:17 

real trade completely different from test! Bad Bad Bad.

Upgrade to today (19 oct 2018): Only Loss!! Terrible!

New release good

yapings 2018.10.08 08:46 

After testing it since Aug 2018 i can now say that this EA is not good in live account because of the slippage. Also as you can see from the author signal (https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/453727#!tab=tab_trading) most of the lost in Sept. 28 to Oct 5, 2018 came from EURUSD which is the recommended pair for this EA. For this i rate this EA 1 star.

Joebar 2018.10.02 10:21 

UPDATE 02/10/2018 :

After testing, I confirm that it is in M15, M30 or H1, in the end we always ended up losing all the gains.

I use this EA for 2/3 months, but it's always the same thing.

In a few days you can explode gains, but it's even worse for losses .....

Maybe a different setting would be better, but I doubt it.

For example, the last position could have been saved with a closer TP, because the price was regularly in positive before finishing at SL

Only, if we compare the TP, the gains will certainly not cover the losses in case of SL for the next positions.

We recognize a good EA has these low losses, not these gains.

It is better to earn little than to have huge losses as it still happened today

For the moment, no solution ......


UPDATE 28/08/2018 , losses, losses again losses........


I have been testing the EA for a week.

Today and yesterday, there are only losses.

I fear that this EA is like many others.

it works well for a moment, and in just one day we lose more than we have won.

I do not know what to think ... I enjoyed at first, but it's rather a disaster.

Is this a normal situation? a bad moment? is there a specific reason for this?

All gains are in smoke in only 3 positions.

I would change my opinion if the situation gets better.

BRADLEY PATRICK 2018.09.28 02:51 

Good EA with regular profits

Tolve Francesco
Tolve Francesco 2018.09.27 18:26 

pultroppo devo aggiornare la valutazione credo che idea sia buona ma non e affidabile in questo momento.

jurijvladimirovich1 2018.09.27 06:32 

Плохо. Никому не советую связываться с этим советником. Я потерял 300 долларов + аренда 100 долларов. 400 долларов слито.

1) Результаты тестов не соответствуют реальной торговли. Тесты показывают положительную динамику роста депозита. В реальности. Доходность нулевая или отрицательная. И дело не в проскальзывании. Дело в том. Что убытки во 5 раз больше прибыли. Получил убыток -14 долларов. Потом 5 сделок с прибылью + 2 доллара. В итоге. 0 результат. Потом опять убыток 14 долларов. И так далее. До тех пор. Пока убыток не повторится несколько раз. И результат уже отрицательный. В итоге. Зарабатывают все. Автор сигнала. Брокер. Но не мы. Этот советник обречен по этой причине на провал. А результаты тестов просто подогнаны.

2) Цена за аренду завышена в несколько раз! А реальный счет этого советника всего 200 долларов! Это подтверждает мои слова. Что автор сам не верит в свой советник.

Итог. 1 балл. Бесперспективно.

gdu60 2018.09.19 12:34 

Buongiorno, volevo sapere se oltre a eur/usd in H1 ci sono altri set per altre coppie in H1 - finora in demo al 2% risk tutto bene , fra qualche mese lo attaccherò al real se tutto procede come adesso!!! Attendo setting per altre coppie supportate - Grazie mile - ATTENZIONE!!! provato in demo questo EA è come tuttti gli altri o forse peggio, guadagni minimi e perdite notevoli seppure poche, ma quando perdi ci rimetti i guadagni di 2 settimane - State lontano da questo e da TUTTI gli EA e fatevi un buon corso da un bravo trader, non comprate video ma fate un corso in diretta con il vostro insegnante!!! Avevo provato per curiosità, in backtest abbastanza bene , in DEMO un disastro !!!!!!! - Trading is Simple!!! - Un corso da professionisti a meno che non vogliate perdere tutto il capitale!!!!!!!! Per vivere di trading non sono sufficienti poche decine di migliaia di € , mettetelo bene in testa!!!! E comunque fate un corso dal vivo, una coaching !!!!!! Vi ripagherà nel tempo, ve lo posso assicurare, la parola EA non farà più parte del mio vocabolario!!! Io che pensavo che almeno quelli di mql5 andassero discretamente bene!!! No assolutamente se non stai attento ti bruciano un conto , DEMO per FORTUNA!!!!!!!! Lontani dagli Expert Advisor, che promettono ma non fanno !!!!!!!!!!!!

Eric Ruvalcaba
Eric Ruvalcaba 2018.09.17 16:35 

Excellent statistics, Ret/DD metrics are good too. Profitable so far. Highly stable backtest results for long term on 8 years with floating spreads, commissions and swaps.

Keep it up!

Menglong Li
Menglong Li 2018.09.13 16:47 

Test 2 months for EURUSD,real trade lose. small gain and big lose. It is a treat EA.

jksingla 2018.09.12 03:18 

This is a pretty awesome EA -- thanks Radek! I didn't have to change any settings etc. Just started running it on EUR/USD 1H chart and it made money right on the first transaction. Very cool!

diu 2018.09.11 20:34 


Version 1.7 works well with default settings. Demo the EA first until you are acquainted with it. You have been warned, EA needs a lot of improvements. Check my test results on comments. It will wipe out all your gains first and eat the balance later.

Roman Dubnička
Roman Dubnička 2018.09.11 10:08 

Very nice EA. Finally it works in comparison with others what I have tried. Thank you Radek. Please, keep on support and development of your great work.

sbudiman 2018.09.11 04:21 

This is a great EA, 2 weeks with constant profit.. follow the developer's note and adjust your risk well. I hope Radek can continue to support and develop this EA.

I will update on its result after few months run.

muracchi 2018.09.07 10:17 

It is very good EA.

However, I think that I will lose in the official SET file.

You need to think about setting values yourself.

Qun Li
Qun Li 2018.09.07 05:16 

Usuário não fez qualquer comentário quanto a classificação

Rodrigo Mattar
Rodrigo Mattar 2018.09.06 21:30 

Very good ea. Only sometimes you gotta be careful because it enters some dumb trades and it wont close them, so you gotta do it by yourself

Xavier Pages
Xavier Pages 2018.09.05 09:22 

I love this EA. With a good set, runs very nice! When runs with a bad set, of course, R747 lost, ( R747 or any EA ).

Last month, 26% profit, ( 4000 EUR real account IC Markets ). I am going to buy it. Now it is rented.

Update: Today, great profits again ( 05/Setember/2018 )

Update: 8:19 AM 06/Setember/2018 ), one trade win EURUSD last night. The show will go on. The day has just started.

Update: 11:18 AM 10/Setember/2018 : The EA wins again in EURUSD and GBPUSD. Really, Ea is good. Sets are the most important.

I wiil update tomorrow.

Last night USDYEN has earned 3% Today, 11/Setember/2018

Tedjo Baskoro
Tedjo Baskoro 2018.09.04 23:36 

start at 20.08.2018 balance 1000, now 510.74

Radu Bot
Radu Bot 2018.09.04 18:06 


Moreno Dainese
Moreno Dainese 2018.09.02 14:28 

use only EURUSD m15 for the moment is ok!!

Top Forex
Top Forex 2018.09.01 22:14 

totally different and bad results from backtest!

1588392 2018.09.01 08:24 

Honestly I never recommend you to buy this EA because what you gonna get is just losses.

I had thought this EA would work well because of the backtest but actually it doesn't work well if you activate it.

I am not native English speaker so I apologize if it's hard to read my comment.

Lam Tran
Lam Tran 2018.09.01 08:16 

I may have been the first one who bought this EA. I have tested for thousand times and spread are extremely important to this EA. I works only if spread is 0-2 POINTS without commission. So it is unrealizable.

I am sorry. This EA is a scam.

Nev_07 2018.08.31 16:09 

Usuário não fez qualquer comentário quanto a classificação

Thanakorn Poolsawat
Thanakorn Poolsawat 2018.08.31 11:35 

Good to see all set in timeframe 15


2840023 2018.08.28 20:17 

Usuário não fez qualquer comentário quanto a classificação

tsidarta 2018.08.28 13:46 

today only losses...

Aceman123 2018.08.25 12:56 

I'm generally not a big fan of breakouts, but this is different.

So far, only winners. Maximum points for me.

iwilllonger 2018.08.25 02:51 

perfect...great...excellent...very good EA....

low drawdown and every monthly profit

Sergey Zhuravkov
Sergey Zhuravkov 2018.08.22 09:13 


Waiyawut Singhsumalee
Waiyawut Singhsumalee 2018.08.19 08:55 

I have work with Radek for 2 weeks now. He is very quick on ressponce and i think it most important for any products. Product also work if you configure it right. I have try for 2 weeks now and no hesitate to recomend Radek.

Anoop Sivasankaran
Anoop Sivasankaran 2018.08.17 19:13 

Really good support from Redek. He is really Patient and helps ..he is super fast to respond. I will test and update how it performs.

Tamer Mohamed
Tamer Mohamed 2018.08.17 12:57 

Usuário não fez qualquer comentário quanto a classificação

Oscar Pinto
Oscar Pinto 2018.08.15 16:21 

bad EA today lost the win of the all two weeks, I will desactive of my accounts

vladimir9010 2018.08.14 20:28 

I have the EA for short time but I see it is very promising.

Gerhard Füssel
Gerhard Füssel 2018.08.13 11:39 

Very profitable Scalper with a very good chance risk ratio and a very good hit ratio. In my opinion this EA is good for making profit for a long time.

Update: after more than 2 months using i need to change my opinion: the best result you can get in long term seems to be without any profit; the worse is a big minus. Hope for improving the EA.

Fallet Willy
Fallet Willy 2018.08.09 00:34 

small gain and big loss

Ee Leng Tee
Ee Leng Tee 2018.08.06 16:54 

Started on my live acc on 31 Jul. Radek is very helpful and this EA is the best so far.


This EA gain small profits and eat big losses!

Patrick 2018.08.06 08:57 

This EA is great. Very good Backtest Results for EURUSD (01.2012-07.2018)! I will test this EA for one Month and then i will update my review. At the Moment 10 Stars :-)

Update 03.09.2018

- When backtesting use only high quality tick data!

- Don't forget to set Spreads, Commission, Leverage in your Tick Provider (Tickstory for example) matching your Broker!

- Results are still very good for EURUSD (As also seen in Radeks Signal)!

I only use it for EURUSD in H1. M15 is also ok. But that is your decision!

Fr4ktal 2018.08.02 19:25 

This EA looks good on EURUSD, but needs broker with fast execution and low spreads in order to work well. High lot-size and slippage could cause trouble too, but if you have good broker and VPS with low delay, it might be good as diversification. Price is reasonable too.

Jose Pinto
Jose Pinto 2018.07.30 19:33 

Seller has been very helpfull with my initial questions

Will post back in one week how it goes

witman26 2018.06.19 22:48 

Radek is very helpful and the EA has a really great backtest. I will try it at my demo account first and write the results as soon as possible.

Versão 1.77 2019.04.28
- Improvements in Breakeven+Trailing during market higher volatility
Versão 1.76 2019.04.08
- Fixed conditions for disabled BreakEven and TrailingStop.
Versão 1.75 2019.04.08
- Improved News Filter
Versão 1.74 2019.04.08
- Implemented News Filter
- Improvements in Initialization and de-initialization of the EA
Versão 1.71 2019.01.27
- Added option to have more orders in one direction with desired distance between orders
- Improved efficiency of break even + trailing stop functions
- Changed default settings
Versão 1.70 2018.12.07
- Updated default settings
Versão 1.69 2018.12.07
- Added Reversal mode
- Improved code efficiency
Versão 1.61 2018.10.15
- Added BUY/SELL orders selection
- Added GMT offset
Versão 1.57 2018.08.28
- Fixed intervention to manual trades.
- Updated Time management functions.
Versão 1.55 2018.08.23
- Code safety checks added
Versão 1.53 2018.08.21
- Added new user input for order comments
- Minor bugs fixed in trailing stop and EA initialization
Versão 1.45 2018.06.28
- Improved automatic lot size calculation based on a stop loss and account equity
- Added new functionality "No trading hours" to enable users to select hours when the EA is down
- Improvements in Trailing Stop modification of an order (more safety checks added)
- Improved closing and opening orders based on time
- Adjuted for 4-digit brokers
Versão 1.33 2018.06.20
Improved Break even functionality.