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Expert Advisor Sloth, is an automatic trading robot that follows the direction of the trend using 2 moving averages and measuring the distance between them. When the distance is that choice the robot opens purchase or sale orders and integrates with a small martingale exploiting the retracements. The test on the H1 chart of almost 8 years that I have run, has not been optimized, so the strategy works well, and if you want to verify the results I have attached in the comments the file .set, you will find similar results. The robot can be optmized for other time frames and currency pairs.


  • Max_Spread = max spread allowed
  • Lot = lot size to trade
  • Factor = lot multiplier
  • SL = stop loss
  • TP = take profit
  • Fast_MA = value of fast moving average
  • Fast_MA_Shift = value to shift fast MA
  • Fast_MA_Method = method of fast MA
  • Slow_MA = value of slow moving average
  • Slow_MA_Shift = value to shift slow MA
  • Slow_MA_Method = method of slow MA
  • Dist = distance in pips between the two MA
  • Pass = how many times to perform profit (less is safer)
  • Step = distance in pips between orders
  • Max_Orders = max orders allowed for each pass
  • Profit_Money = target in money for each pass
  • Magic Number = unique number to recognize orders

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Versão 1.1 2019.01.26
Fixed little bug