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This script is designed to automatically open and configure up to 30 charts with any trading instruments at the same time. If you trade different financial instruments, or work with more than one terminal, then this script can greatly facilitate the work.


  • PeriodChart - chart timeframe.
  • ChartMode - type of the chart (candlesticks, bars or line).
  • ChartShift - mode of shift of the price chart from the right border.
  • ChartShowGrid - the property of displaying the chart grid.
  • ChartAutoscroll - the mode of automatic shift to the right border of the chart.
  • ChartShowAskLine - the property of displaying Ask value as a horizontal line on a chart.
  • ChartShowBidLine - the property of displaying Bid value as a horizontal line on the chart.
  • ChartShowLastLine - the property of displaying Last value as a horizontal line on a chart.
  • ChartShowOHLC - the property of displaying OHLC values in the upper left corner.
  • ChartScale - chart scale property.
  • ChartDragTradeLevels - property of enabling the ability to drag trading levels on a chart using mouse.
  • ChartShowDateScale - property of displaying the time scale on a chart.
  • ChartShowOneClickPanel - display the panel for quick trading on the chart (the "One Click Trading" option).
  • ChartShowVolumes - the property of displaying the volumes on a chart.
  • ChartShowPeriodSepapator - the property of displaying vertical separators between adjacent periods.
  • ChartBackColor - the chart background color.
  • ChartForeColor - the color of axes, scale and OHLC line.
  • ChartGridColor - chart grid color.
  • ChartUpColor - color of up bar, its shadow and border of a bullish candlestick's body.
  • ChartDownColor - color of down bar, its shadow and border of bearish candlestick's body.
  • ChartBullColor - color of bullish candlestick's body.
  • ChartBearColor - color of bearish candlestick's body.
  • ChartAskColor - Ask price line color.
  • ChartBidColor - Bid price line color.
  • ChartVolumeColor - color of volumes and position opening levels.
  • AllPairs - activate opening and configuring the charts of all instruments listed in the settings below.
  • Symbol_1_ - enable/disable the instrument specified in the next line.
  • _1_Symbol - select an instrument.
There is no need to add prefixes to the currency pair in the script settings, they are added automatically. For example, "EURUSD.ecn" should be specified as "EURUSD", without a prefix.

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