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Manna machine

Manna machine - an automatic advisor for trading in the Forex market. The robot analyzes the market according to an algorithm based on modified standard indicators and price action. Automatically detects entry points. We use dynamic stop loss and take profit. The robot was developed for the pair EURUSD, opens deals only for sale.

  •     ECN-account and five-digit broker, low spread / commission, leverage 1: 400 are recommended.
  •     Use 0.01 lots for every 400 currency units. If the account is less than $ 400, use a cent account.
  •     Configured on a pair of EURUSD. Timeframe does not matter. Works only for sale.


Lot calculation

ModeLots - lot calculation type:
ManualLot - the lot is set manually;
PercentDeposit - recalculation of the trading lot, based on the PercentDeposit parameter.
LotSize - fixed lot size set manually;
PercentDeposit - a percentage of the deposit for calculating the lot size.

Basic settings

TimeZone - time difference between the broker and GMT time;
TimeStartHour - time to start trading;
TimeEndHour - time to end trading;
IndicatorPeriod - indicator calculation period;
MaxOrder - the maximum number of orders in one direction;
BetterPricePips - after how many points to look for the best price;
DynamicTakeProfit - dynamic take profit (controlled by software);
DynamicStopLoss - dynamic stop loss (controlled by software).

Trailing stop

TrailingStart - the beginning of the trailing;
TrailingStop - trailing stop;
TrailingStep - trailing step.

Brady Waters
Brady Waters 2018.11.28 02:23 

Awesome EA makes one to two trades a day with default settings. I rented it for one month and in a few days, it made me back my money. I would recommend checking it out