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Easy Trade Copier demo

Easy Trade Copier is designed to copy trades between MetaTrader 4 terminals in the same computer or VPS.

Attention: The program works locally, it does not copy trades between different locations over the internet.

Limitation: This demo version allows copying trades only on NZDUSD pair. To use this product with full features, please check the full version at https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/27088

Main features

  • High Speed. Typical delay between the server and client terminals is less than 20 ms (this may be slower on older machines, total delay is also higher due to the broker's execution speed)
  • Easy install. You only need to attach the EA to any chart of the MetaTrader 4 terminal and choose role as a "server" or "client". After this, trades will be automatically copied from the server to the client terminal(s). No other setup is necessary, the connection between the terminals is automatic. No manual symbol mapping is required, the program automatically recognize and synchronize symbols between brokers.

Other features

  • Designed to run one master (server) and unlimited number of slave (client) accounts at the same time
  • Manual trades available at the client terminal without any conflict
  • It can work along with other Expert Advisors and scripts
  • 100% safe, it does not use any DLL
  • It does not overload the processor
  • In case of terminal restart or reconnecting, it does not lose positions
  • Several trade volume options


  • Role - choose "Server" if you want to send trades from that terminal, choose "Client" if you want this terminal to copy that trades.
  • Server settings
    • copy trades with magic number only - true/false
    • magic number - if the above parameter is true, only orders with this number will be copied.
  • Client settings
    • Trade size calculation mode
      1. Copy trades with same lot size - true/false. Orders will be opened with the same lot size as on the server terminal.
      2. Copy trades with fixed lot size - true/false. Every trade will be opened with a predefined lot size, in the "Lot size" parameter.
      3. Use risk management - the program will calculate lot size according to the "Risk %" parameter, and the stop loss level of the trade. In case of stop out, the trade will lose the given percentage of the account's equity.
      4. Calculate lot according to contract size differences - if this mode is selected, the pip value of the trade remains the same. This means that 1 pip price change will result the same amount of gain or loss both in the server and the client terminal. Deviation in contract sizes between brokers is common in the CFD market.
    • Lot size - (if Mode2 is selected above)
    • Risk % - (if Mode3 is selected above) example: 1 means that maximum 1% of your account equity can be lost in a given trade.
    • Open trade with minimum lot if lot size is too small - true/false. Different brokers offer different minimal lot sizes. If the server terminal sends a lot size smaller than allowed in the client, the program will increase it to the minimum.
    • Reverse copy ( buy-->sell , sell-->buy ) - true/false. Open buy order instead of sell and sell instead of buy. This can be helpful for example if you have a constantly losing EA.
    • refresh rate (ms) - rate of checking new trades to send (server)/open (client). Smaller value means faster connection, but it may load older machines.
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Versão 1.2 2019.03.26
Versão 1.1 2018.04.05
Easier start of the program, no need to manually add all symbols to the market watch window.