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This information panel shows the trade statistics from a specific date in real time.

It allows selecting information on a specific robot, as well as manual trading, or displaying all information.

The information is grouped by symbols. This allows identifying which of the instruments had profit or loss, and their amounts.

Simple and convenient configuration: simply drag the utility to the chart in order to obtain all the available information on the history of the account and the opened positions.

It is possible to run a single or multiple instances of the informed both in a separate window and in the chart the robot is running on.

Supports 6 languages: English, Russian, German, French, Italian, Spanish.


  • InstanceNo – number of the informer instance (when attaching multiple instances on one chart, the numbers must be different, as well as their offsets to avoid overlaying).
  • ForMagic – magic number of orders for selecting. Empty (default) – select all orders, 0 – select orders opened manually. If any other value is specified, select orders opened by robots with that magic number. If it is necessary to set multiple magic numbers, enter them as a comma-separated list. For example, this is necessary:
    • if the EA opens short and long positions using different magic numbers or uses different magic numbers in any other way according to its algorithm.
    • if you want to get results on multiple experts working in a certain combination.
    • if you trade manually, but sometimes use utilities for placing orders (for example, with magic number 12345) and want to get information only on manual trading and these utilities. In this case, set "0,12345"
  • ForComments – comment to orders for sampling. Empty by default - all orders are selected. A wildcard character "*" is allowed at the beginning and/or at the end of the fragment, as well as the "," character which serves as a separator between several variants. For example: "*bot 1*,*bot 2*" - selects orders containing "My robot 1.0" and "My robot 2.0". Please note that [sl] or [tp] are added to orders when they are closed by SL or TP. In this case, it is better to use "*" at the end.
  • DateFrom – the date to start selecting orders (default is the minimum system date, i.e. all available in history).

Please note that the program has access only the orders displayed in the "Account History" tab. Any filter applied to the dispalyed orders affects the output data.

  • ShowInfoComment – comment to be displayed at the top left corner. This is usually the information on the essence of the sample: for example, the parameters ForMagic=111, DateFrom=2017.12.04 can be marked as «My robot 1.0 since the beginning of the week».
  • TopIndent - indent from the top.
  • RightIndent - indent from the right.
  • RowsHeight - list for selecting the height of rows (1 to 6).
  • ColumnsWidth - list for selecting the width of columns (1 to 6).
  • Font - list for selecting the font face.
  • FontSize - font size.
  • BackColor - background color of the table fields. If the background color is different from None, the frame is not displayed. The fields serve as frames, because they are different from the chart background.
  • FontColor - text color.
  • MinusDigitsColor - color to display losses.
  • PlusDigitsColor - color to display profit.
  • BorderType - list for selecting the frame type (None, Edging, Lines).
  • BorderColor - color of frames, borders and lines (if set to None, text color is used).
  • ColumnsOrder - list for selecting the display order of columns (ALL_Closed_Open, ALL_Open_Closed, Closed_Open_ALL, Open_Closed_ALL).
  • Language - list for selecting the language: SystemDefault, English, Russian, German, French, Italian, Spanish. Default is SystemDefault, i.e. the program uses the terminal language.

Happy Trading!

Dzmitry Chentsou
Dzmitry Chentsou 2018.11.23 10:58 

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Versão 1.5 2018.04.03
1. Changed the list of frame types: None, Edging, Lines.
2. Added the ability to change the color of the frame lines (border).
3. Fixed minor display bugs.
Versão 1.4 2018.04.02
What's New:
1. Added the ability to select orders by the content of comments: selection by text fragment, or by several variants of text fragments.
2. Now the utility is implemented as an indicator and not as an expert, therefore, it can be located on the same chart with an Expert Advisor.
3. It is now possible to run multiple instances on one chart (with different InstanceNo).
Versão 1.3 2018.01.16
Displayed profit includes commission