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Larry Williams Percent Range on Chart

This is an unusual (visual) representation of the famous WPR indicator. Instead of a separate subwindow, it is displayed in the main chart as a channel and levels. In addition, this indicator features a possibility of smoothing its values using a moving average.


  • PeriodWPR - calculation period of the percent price channel
  • LevelUp - the value of the upper level in percentage (negative)
  • LevelDn - the value of the lower level in percentage (negative)
  • Center - the value of the central level in percentage (negative)
  • PeriodMA - smoothing period of the price channel values
  • MethodMA - smoothing method of the price channel values
  • SmoothCenter - sign of enabling smoothing of the central line of the price channel
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Versão 1.3 2020.04.06
Optimized for the current version of the terminal.
Versão 1.2 2016.04.06
Added the optional smoothing of the central line:
SmoothCenter - true/false = smooth/leave
Versão 1.1 2015.06.22
- Updated the moving average calculation algorithm
- Added new smoothing types (26 ones in total)
- Updated the look of the parameters