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The Smart Pattern indicator is based on the analysis of candlestick patterns, which is superior to indicators based on the moving average.

The main advantage is that the analysis of candlestick patterns allows determining the trend at its very beginning or even before it begins, while indicators based on the moving average always identify it with a certain delay.

This indicator uses deep analysis of candlestick patterns and filtering of false signals. The Smart Pattern indicator is suitable both for trend trading strategies and scalping.

The indicator provides entry signals in the form of arrows.

Main Parameters

  • BaseSignal - show signals from the basic candlestick patterns
  • MoreSignal - show signals from the additional candlestick patterns
  • drawText - show labels for candlestick patterns
  • UseAlert - audio alert when a signal appears
  • EmailAlert - send email when a signal appears
  • MobileAlert - send push notification when a signal appears

Arrows for entries appear when a new candle opens.

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