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ACH SignalByLevel MT4

Indicator SignalByLevel ACH gives an alert about the approach, touch or breakout price level drawn by hand or by third-party indicator. The product can be used when trading Forex and binary options using support and resistance.


  • Type level - can be set to one of the following properties:
    • HLINE - Horizontal line (OBJ_HLINE)
    • TREND - Trend Line (OBJ_TREND)
    • CHANNEL - Equidistant channel (OBJ_CHANNEL)
    • STDDEVCHANNEL - Channel standard deviation (OBJ_STDDEVCHANNEL).
  • Color level - set the color level
    If color is not selected, the indicator will react on any level drawn on the chart type selected
    If you specify a certain color, then the indicator will respond only to the levels drawn by the same corresponding color
    This may be useful for separating multiple indicators and levels without excessive alerts, or notifying of different intervals of the approach to the level
  • Alert, n-points before level - maximum number of points to the level, at which it is necessary to give a signal
  • Alert, n-points after level - number of points passed after the broken level, after which it is actually assumed broken.
    There are three operation options:
    • The signal on the approach to the level. Alert, n-points before level - set a value greater than 0. Alert, n-points after level - set equal to 0
    • Touching the level. Alert, n-points before level - set equal to 0. Alert, n-points after level - set equal to 0
    • The level breakout. Alert, n-points before level - set equal to 0. Alert, n-points after level - set the value greater than 0
  • Re-Alert of the n-points from level - possibility of re-notification when the price moves from level to the specified number of points
  • Method of signal - signal trigger method:
    • realtime - check the alert conditions continuously for each tick
    • on_closing - checks the conditions of approaching to the level only at the close of the previous candle and the opening of the new one
  • Timeframe - select timeframe
  • Work time - define the time interval of the indicator (one or several intervals)
    The standard is set to 07:00-10:00;13:00-16:00;18:00-20:30, - this means that the indicator will work on three intervals from 07:00 to 10:00, 13:00 to 16:00 and from 18:00 to 20:30.
    Empty value - the indicator works continuously and gives a signal
    You need to remove this value for continuous operation, or set your own intervals. Separate intervals with ';' without spaces or quotation marks.
  • Language of messages - select the message language.
    In the list there are three languages:
    • eng - English
    • rus - Russian
    • ukr - Ukrainian
  • Show Alert - alert.
    • ON – display
    • OFF – do not display
  • Send Push - send a notification to mobile terminals whose MetaQuotes IDs are specified in the settings window on the Notifications tab.
    • ON - send.
    • OFF - do not send.
  • The background signal? - change the color of the chart background when submitting alerts.
    • ON - change color
    • OFF - does not change color
  • Background color: custom - If color is not selected, the default uses the current graphics background. This is the standard background color of your chart. Used to reverse the background after the signal.
  • Background color: signal - specify a color signal of a background for your graphics. This is the color to which the background during notification is changed. Standard is gold color.
  • Signal to background: time (sec.) - time (in seconds) of the signal background color. After this time, the background will become the default color. The default is 60 seconds.
  • Play Sound ? - play the sound file.
  • Name Sound (*.wav) - the audio file Name that you want to lose. The file must be located in terminal_directory\Sounds or its subdirectory. Play only audio files in WAV format
  • Sound replay: seconds - time between repetitions of the audio signal, only if the argument is Sound repeat count greater than one
  • Sound repeat: count - number of repetitions of the audio signal
  • Arrows on the graph ? - draw signal arrows on the chart
  • Signal gap - number of points above/below the bar/candle drawing arrows
  • Color UP-arrow - set the color of the up arrow
  • Color DN-arrow - set the color of the down arrow
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