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Lot signal multiplier

Are you copying trades from a good МТ4 signal? Then, a lot size of 0.01 is probably not sufficient for you.

This utility will create additional orders with the specified lot size (Multiplier), copy the TP and SL of the source. For convenience, there is an additional parameter (Signal comment) for filtering by the comment-name of the signal.


  • Multiplier - lot size of new orders. One more order with the specified lot size will be opened in addition to the signal's order;
  • Signal comment - if specified, then only the orders with the value of the Comment field will be copied;
  • Send mail? - send email notifications;
  • Send Notification? - send push-notifications to mobile device.


  • You are subscribed to signal MP1. Orders are created with a lot size of 0.01, while you want 0.10;
  • Set "Multiplier"=0.09 and "Signal comment"=MP1;
  • 2 orders will be created: one with 0.01 lot, another with 0.09 lot, for a total of 0.10;
  • Of course, the second order will be created with a slight delay (time for processing the list of orders).
Be careful with the desire for the lot size. Consider the signal drawdowns.

It work very well, if you know how to use a ex :)

Heiner G.
Heiner G. 2019.08.08 13:04 

It does not work. Signal and receiver account have suffixes in the values. (EURUSD. and EURUSD-ECN) Sorry for a bad cash issue! No buy recommendation!