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Eleven strategy Premium

This Expert Advisor is the enhanced version of the Eleven strategy EA, which consists of 11 strategies. They can be configured for different timeframes, different pairs. Orders are opened when a new bar appears. Orders are closed either by stop loss, take profit or based on indicators. The EA can be tested by Open prices. Trailing stop and breakeven are available.

Real operation monitoring as well as my other products can be found here: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/keasotik/seller


  • UseFIFOClose - closing orders by FIFO rule;
  • panel show - display the panel of total balance and panel for each strategy;
  • Color panel show - color of the displayed statistics panel;
  • hour trade friday - disable trading on Friday at the specified time;
  • end hour trade friday - time to stop opening orders on Friday;
  • close order friday - close open orders on Friday after the specified time;
  • hour close order friday - time to close open orders on Friday;
  • Lots - fixed lot; if 0, activates Percent;
  • Percent - percentage of free margin;
  • maximum spread - maximum spread;
  • select Open Orders - modes of opening new orders, limimted number of orders - Open Orders Limit, if all orders are already in breakeven - Open Orders Breakeven all, if buy or sell orders are already in breakeven - Open Orders Breakeven sell or buy;
  • OpenOrdersLimit - choose the number of opened orders at the same time;
  • comment - comment to open orders;
  • onebar_oneorder - if true, only 1 sell order and 1 buy order may be opened within one bar;
  • gmt_shift - terminal time offset relative to GMT;
  • ON or OFF Trailing - enable/disable the trailing stop mode;
  • breakeven - enable/disable breakeven;
  • magic - order identifier (if set to 1, orders will be opened from 1 to 22);
  • ECN - set SL and TP together with the order, or after it had been opened (for ECN accounts);
  • slippage - slippage;

Strategy settings

  • strategy №1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 ON or OFF - enable/disable the strategies;
  • HoursFrom_st1...11 - trading start time in hours, from GMT;
  • HoursTo_st1...11 - trading end time in hours, from GMT;
  • select sl tp: select the method for setting sl and tp - static in points or dynamic based on the ATR indicator;
  • period atr for dynamic sl tp: period of the ATR indicator for dynamic sl and tp;
  • sl pips or risk for dynamic sl: sl in points or risk;
  • tp pips or risk for dynamic tp: tp in points or risk;
  • ON or OFF Trailing - enable/disable the trailing stop mode;
  • MinProfit for Trailing - trailing stop activation threshold;
  • TrailingStop - trailing stop value;
  • TrailingStep - step of the trailing stop;
  • breakeven - enable/disable breakeven;
  • breakeven distance - the number of points to activate the breakeven;
  • breakeven pips - the number of points to place the breakeven;
  • ma_trend - trend filter;
  • ma_trend2 - trend filter 2;
  • period CCI, ATR, BB, RSI, WPR, Demarker, RVI, MFI, FI - period of the indicators;
  • value CCI, ATR, BB, RSI, WPR, Demarker, RVI, MFI, FI - values of the indicators;
  • maximum Parabolic - maximum value of the Parabolic indicator;
  • fast ema period OsMA or MACD, slow ema period OsMA or MACD, signal sma period OsMA or MACD - values of the OsMA or MACD indicator;
  • k period, d period, slowing: - for the Stochastic indicator;
  • value Stochastic - value of the Stochastic indicator.
  • value (WPR,CCI,RSI,Demarker)close - indicator values for closing orders (0 - disabled);
Contact me to receive the set files for currency pairs or see the latest comments.
bazan 2017.11.05 14:09 

Хочу высказать свое мнение:

Советник действительно очень хорош!

Последнее обновление просто превосходное.

Советник рассчитан на долгосрочную торговлю и на некоторых отрезках времени может показать не большие убытки.

Результаты тестов и сигнал автора совпадают на 97%.

Ждем новых настроек от автора и его рекомендации.

Andrea Porubska
Andrea Porubska 2017.10.20 15:54 

Usuário não fez qualquer comentário quanto a classificação

Michiel Van Niekerk
Michiel Van Niekerk 2017.10.16 08:38 

I am keeping a close eye on the performance of the product. Seeing that the indicator requires some serious optimization, I think it is essential that the author continues to give good support with updated set files. So far so good.

Eric Ruvalcaba
Eric Ruvalcaba 2017.09.10 19:26 

Well backtesting looks very good at strict conditions with their proper set files. I personally like the long term optimization option and will now begin forward testing.

Pleased with results so far but will update on any changes. Developer is very attentive and keeps updating and improving.

Ytalo Felipe Dos Santos Nascimento
Ytalo Felipe Dos Santos Nascimento 2017.07.11 21:08 

Great EA, and GREAT DEVELOPER! Always answering my questions. approved :)

Евгений Свечников
Евгений Свечников 2017.05.23 10:27 


Руслан Кабиров
Руслан Кабиров 2017.05.17 10:15 

Советник очень и очень хорош!!!

1. Нет опасных методов торговли

2. Любой таймфрейм, подойдёт любому.

3. В первые 24 часа продукт был бесплатным.

Однозначно 5, спасибо!

Versão 2.3 2018.08.16
Версия 2.3 - 2018.07.08
Исправлено: отображение подсчета профита на панели.
Выбор таймфрейма для значений индикаторов.
Versão 2.2 2017.11.01
select Open Orders:
Open Orders Limit - EA works in the normal mode with the ability to limit the maximum number of orders
Open Orders Breakeven all - EA opens the second and subsequent orders if open buy and sell orders are in breakeven
Open Orders Breakeven sell or buy - EA opens the second and subsequent sell orders if open sell orders are in breakeven, same goes for buy

Fixed: onebar_oneorder - only one sell order and one buy order may be opened within one bar
Versão 2.1 2017.10.12
Added feature:
Each strategy now has individual settings of sl, tp, trailing, breakeven
Panel that displays the profit of each strategy
Every strategy now has a maximum value limit for the dynamically calculated sl
Added another filter based on the MA indicator - now there are 2 of them
Each strategy has the ability to close orders based on indicator values
Versão 1.1 2017.05.25
- Added time filter.
- Added the ability to trade both sell and buy orders simultaneously.