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I am Copy

Hello! My name is Copy. I was created to help you. Many resources have been spent on my birth. And the developers gave me some of their knowledge, which I use in my work. Do you want to know what I can? Then read on.

I can open trades on different accounts at the same time, and I don’t care about their number. You set the parameters on one terminal, and I'll do the same procedure on the others. Or I can gather commands from different accounts on one. Thus, I save your time and energy of your device.

And so, I'm benefiting those who work on multiple terminals at the same time, who are unable to copy and simply tough guys. My name is Copy, and I want to help you.

My positive qualities

  • Copying deals at maximum speed, from 1 ms (and time for server response);
  • My setup will take 1 or 2 minutes (see the video);
  • Four modes for copying the deal volumes;
  • Complete copying of real and pending orders, TP and SL, and also expiration time of pending orders;
  • Instant reaction to changes in the prices of pending orders, changes of TP and SL, changes of expiration time of pending orders;
  • Minimal CPU/server resource requirements for working;
  • Unlimited copying capabilities:
    • Many servers - many clients;
    • One server - many clients;
    • One client - many servers;
  • Copying of trading instruments with any prefix, automatic recognition, for example: EURUSD_ = EURUSD
  • 100% reliability, deals are not lost during connection interruptions and terminal restarts;
  • Technical support, the possibility of updates and the release of individual versions.

Input parameters

  • Working (On / Off) - I can work, and I can rest;
  • Mode (Server/ Client) - I can send or receive signals;
  • Magic Number - my magic number to manage only my deals;
  • Time (milliseconds) - speed of receiving or transmitting signals;


  • Actual time of the signal (minutes) - duration of new signal transmission in server mode;


  • Magic(s) of Server(s) - enumerate the magic numbers of the senders (in server modes), from which I am supposed to receive the signals (in client mode);
  • Lot Auto - automatic calculation of the lot based on the balance, in percent;
  • Lot Manual - volume of deals I should open in client mode (enabled if Lot Auto=0);
  • Lot Coefficient - lot multiplier for the sender's deals (enabled if Lot Manual=0 and Lot Auto=0);
  • Price Difference pips - allowed difference between the deal opening price of the signal and the current price;
  • Reverse signal - if true, then a Sell deal will be opened instead of Buy and vice versa;
  • Trade type - copy opening and closure or only opening.
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