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EA sapiens sapiens. This smart robot uses a dynamic grid step, the lot is determined by the robot after analyzing the market situation. The trading strategy is based on the ideas of the legendary trader billionaire Bill Williams, which have ben automated and adapted to the Forex market.

  • Currency pair: GBPUSD. The list of the currency pairs used for trading may be expanded.
  • Timeframe: Any, M5 is recommended.
  • Spread: spread value is not crucial, which makes this robot usable on cent/nano accounts.
  • Minimum deposit: 50-100 USD on cent and nano accounts, 5000-10000 USD on a classic account with the initial lot of 0.01.
  • Maximum leverage: the largest possible.

Trading strategy. Market entries are made during a probable change in the trend direction according to a reversal pattern. For this purpose, Alligator and candlestick analysis are used. Entries are made at a deviation from the Alligator and when a Pin-bar or a fractal is detected. Instead of closing the trade by stop loss, an additional order is opened, with the lot size determined depending on the situation, but within the specified limit. The subsequent orders are not opened thoughtlessly every 10 or 20 points with increasing lots. Every entry is made after a reversal signal appears, the TakeProfit is analyzed and modified, and the lot size is determined based on the current market conditions. This prevents opening a multitude of orders during a prolonged movement in the same direction, thus minimizing the risks. A profitability of about 10% per month and a 100-400% per year without reinvesting the obtained profit have been planned during the development of the EA.

A good feature is the minimum number of parameters.

  • The first lot size - size of the initial lot;
  • Magic Number - number for the EA to identify its orders;
  • The distance from Alligator day, The distance from Alligator night - distance from the Alligator during the day and night;
  • BeginDay, BeginNight - beginning of the day and night;
  • MaxOrders - the maximum number of orders opened in the same direction;
  • Count Close Orders - the number of closed orders when reaching the specified maximum number of orders.

The distances (in parameters) are set for 5 digits. The EA converts them for 4-digit quotes automatically.

Please note that the EA works perfectly on history data for 7 years. This is quite a powerful "weapon" for Forex. Still, the risks are high, therefore, one of the main rules for using this EA is to periodically withdraw the earned money.

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