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One against the crowd! It buys when everyone sells, and vice versa.

Does not use martingale or averaging. Entries are always made using orders with the same lot size. A subsequent order is opened only after the previous one closes.

Everybody perfectly knows that only 5% of traders on the market earn, while others lose. And also that all who lose make the same mistakes, while the ones in profit earn in their own way. We are also taught hoy to earn CORRECTLY, and still 95% of traders are in a loss. We enter a trade, and we are knocked out by stop loss, and then the price moves in the right direction. But what if we go against the crowd, what if we do the opposite — buy when everyone else sells. We tried... it turned out not bad!

The Expert Advisor is based on moving averages. When the fast MA crosses the slow MA upwards, the "rules" tell us to buy, but the robot sells and vice versa.

Currency pair: EURUSD;

Period: M15;

No excessive parameters:

  • MovingPeriod: fast MA period;
  • MovingPeriod2: slow МА period;
  • MovingShift: fast МА shift;
  • MovingShift2: slow МА shift;
  • MAGICMA: magic number for the Expert Advisor to identify its positions;
  • Lots: lot size.

The EA is not afraid of short-term disruptions in Internet connection or power outages. At startup it continues working with its orders and maintains them further.

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