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MFC StopLevels

MFC STL Expert Advisor analyzes the market for a specified period and sets pending orders. The system does not use indicators and is fully based on the price action analysis.

No martingale, no hedging. No complex setting and optimization. The EA is not impacted by news. The EA features the management system of negative and positive positions, which allows not using stop loss and take profit.


  • Trailing Start - position trailing start;
  • Trailing Step - step or distance, by which a stop loss is moved from the current price;
  • Lot - lot size (if Risk %% is 0);
  • Risk %% - percentage of the current deposit per trade (if 0, a lot specified by a trader is used);
  • Time Start - market analysis start time;
  • Time Stop - market analysis end time;
  • Time Live orders, hours - pending order's lifetime, hours;
  • Count of orders - number of placed orders (at trader's discretion and for more possibilities);
  • Step between orders, pips - distance between orders, points (if more than one order is used);
  • Breakeven, pips - breakeven, points (position management system);
  • Type of pending orders - type of placed orders (STOP, LIMIT);
  • Calculation of - market analysis using CLOSE or HIGHLOW.


Trading periods - H1, M30 and M15. You can use several EA instances on a single symbol. A VPS server is recommended for stable operation. You may trade manually since it does not affect the EA operation. See the account monitoring results. Contact me to receive *.set files. I will be happy to answer your questions!

The EA is suitable both for five- and four-digit quotes. The current settings are meant for five-digit EURUSD H1 quotes. To trade a fixed lot, optimize the EA every month. Optimization of the Time Start, Time Stop and Calculation of parameters is usually enough.

Follow the money management. The maximum acceptable risk for all currency pairs should not exceed 10% of the deposit.

In case of a long-term trading (3-12 months) on several currency pairs, set Risk %% to not more than 5%.

Mohammad Oladi
Mohammad Oladi 2018.12.01 15:36 

Thank you for this EA