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Aggressive fever

Aggressive fever is a trend following Expert Advisor, preceded by the Aggresive Silence EA.

A position is opened by the signals of standard indicators. The algorithm provides the ability to block opening of a new position if it is too close to the existing positions of the same type. Multiple built-in filters

  • spread limitation
  • trading time limitation (two time zones)
  • closing all orders at the end of the day
  • filtering of signals using the Moving Average indicator
  • possibility to open orders by alternating positions. If a Sell order is open, a Buy order will be opened next, regardless of the signals

allow to eliminate false signals

The EA implements the principle of moving along the trend, but depending on the settings, it can also enter positions at "rollbacks" from the main movement

The EA closes the positions in multiple ways

  • reaching profit in points
  • reaching profit in currency of the trading account, with the possibility to close orders of one direction or all orders
  • after a sharp price movement in one direction
  • using a reverse signal, but only if the open positions have profit

Additionally, the Expert Advisor contains:

  • breakeven function.
  • price trailing function (Trailing_Stop).
  • visualization of the trading information on the chart.
  • notification about trade operations using audio alerts, Push-notifications and e-mail messages.


  • The EA should be run on a chart with the М1, М15 timeframe
  • It can work on any deposit with any account currency.
  • Account balance requirements are calculated as $10 per 0.01 lot.
  • To work with several symbols, simply launch the EA on the appropriate charts.
  • The EA parameters should be optimized at least once every two months, using the "Control points" method.

Main Parameters

  • Use_ma_Filter - false/ true - enable filtering by the Moving Average indicator
  • Take_Profit_Pips - Take profit, specified in points
  • Stop_Loss_Pips - Stop loss, specified in points
  • Take_Profit_Money - profit in the account currency, when reached all trades in the same direction are closed
  • Stop_Loss_Money - loss in the account currency, when reached all trades in the same direction are closed
  • Max_Lot - maximum volume for opening positions, when reached the positions are opened with the initial volume
  • MaxOrders - maximum number of all opened positions
  • MaxOrders_buy,MaxOrders_sell - maximum number of opened positions for the Buy/Sell orders
  • Auto_Lot - false/ true - enable trading using the specified percentage of the deposit
  • Lot_Percents - percentage of the deposit for opening positions, if Auto_Lot=true
  • Lot_Multiplier - lot multiplier for opening subsequent positions
  • Level - level that must be reached for closing positions
  • Step_Up , Step_Down - distance to the previous order, after which a new position can be opened
  • Closes_profit - false/ true - enable closing positions at the reverse signal
  • Closes_channel - false/ true - enable closing positions due to sharp price spike, the Level parameter
  • Combine_Buy_and_Sell - false/ true - enable closing positions in different directions after reaching the total profit/loss in the account currency.
  • Min_Delay_Minutes - delay between opening subsequent positions in the same direction, in minutes
  • Buy_After_Sell_Only - false/ true - enable opening positions by alternating the SELL and BUY orders
  • Enable_Reverse_Trades - false/ true - enable reversing signals
  • Use_Spread_Filter - false/ true - enable spread limiting function
  • Enable_Trailing_Stop - false/ true - enable the Trailing_Stop function
  • Enable_Break_Even - false/ true - enable the breakeven function
  • Use_Time_Zone_1 ,Use_Time_Zone_2 - false/ true - time zones for limiting trading
  • Close_Trades_on_Day - false/ true - close all positions at the end of the day
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