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Mak Binary

Highly efficient indicator for binary options, designed for use with the MetaTrader 4 terminal.

The indicator is equipped with a preliminary signal, which generates alert on the current candle. After that it is necessary to wait for the candle to close. If an arrow appears after the candle closes, enter a trade in the specified direction.

Recommended timeframe is М5, expiration - 1 candle.

Indicator Parameters

  • Pre-alarm - Enable or disable the preliminary signal. By default this parameter is set to false, which means it is disabled.
  • Text color in dashboard - Color settings for the information panel.
  • History - The number of bars for the calculation, default value is 5000.
  • Distance from arrow - Adjust the signal offset in points.
  • Arrow size - Signal (arrow) size.
  • Box alerts - Sound notification about readiness to enter a trade. By default this parameter is set to true, which means it is enabled.
  • Email alerts - Send notification to your email.
  • Phone alerts - Send notification to your mobile device.


  • Constant customer support.
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