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Air Mechanic

The AIR MECHANIC is a software product of the "INTEGRAL" project, which implements convenient features to perform portfolio scalping with the ability to widely diversify trading risks.

The AIR MECHANIC trades one deal at a time, always uses SL that protects the trader's trade account, and never uses dangerous methods of money management, such as martingale, hedging and grid techniques.

The main idea of the EA is to provide the user with wide capabilities to compare and manage trading portfolios. With the EA AIR MECHANIC you receive the ability to:

  • Trade 12 currency pairs at the same time
  • Distribute trading risks among currency pair with low degree of correlation (for example, among - GBPUSD, EURCHF, AUDCAD etc), reducing the probability of receiving simultaneous losses
  • Diversify risks by distributing the potential losses on a specific currency among different currency pairs, thus decreasing the probability of receiving the losses (for example, the risk of receiving losses on EUR can be reduced by using currency pairs that include EUR: EURCHF, EURCAD, EURAUD, EURGBP)

IMPORTANT! By default, the EA AIR MECHANIC is configured for testing on the EURCHF currency pair, timeframe - М15 and GMT +3

Currently, the EA AIR MECHANIC is used by the "INTEGRAL" project as one of the constituent units of the "PUMPING STATION" trading portfolio: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/213123

You can also evaluate the independent operation of the EA AIR MECHANIC using this signal: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/246769

Parameters for using the EA AIR MECHANIC:

  • Timeframe for trading: M15
  • Trading time: 3-4 hours after the end of US session
  • Minimum Deposit : $100 or above
  • Recommended account type – ECN
  • VPS for 24/7 connection to the broker server

EA AIR MECHANIC complies with FIFO

The .set files for configuring the EA AIR MECHANIC can be downloaded on the monitoring page: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/246769

Parameters for manual adjustment

  • Comment – custom comment
  • Magic_number – deal identifier
  • Max_Spread – maximum spread filter
  • Slippage – price slippage filter
  • Lots – trading lot size
  • Auto_risk – automatic calculation of the lot size
  • Stop_loss – SL value
  • Take_profit – TP value
  • Convert_range – channel width
  • Step_to_open – breakout identifier
  • Crazy_factor – reversal identifier
  • Method_converter – indicator plotting method
  • Period_converter – period of the trade channel
  • Hi_level – upper boundary of the channel
  • Low_level – lower boundary of the channel
  • Filter_deceleration – price reversal filter
  • Crazy_factor_2 – volatility filter
  • Basic_direction – trend direction
  • Direction_area – deviation filter
  • Risk_factor – trend direction filter
  • Time_filter_1 – time filter 1
  • Time_filter_2 – time filter 2
  • Time_filter_3 – time filter 3
  • Time_filter_4 – time filter 4
  • Filter_movement_1 – price movement filter 1
  • Filter_movement_2 – price movement filter 2
  • Filter_movement_3 – price movement filter 3
  • Period_small_direction – period of the indicator on the smaller TF
  • Revolt_factor_1 – reversal filter 1
  • Revolt_factor_2 – reversal filter 2
  • Revolt_direction – trend direction in the trade channel 2
  • Hi_level_1 – upper boundary of the channel 2
  • Low_level_1 – lower boundary of the channel 2
  • Step_factor – premature closure filter
  • Time_filter – premature closure time filter
  • MondayAM - true/false - if true, trading is allowed on Monday morning
  • StartTime - trading start time
  • StopTime - trading end time
  • MondayPM - true/false - if true, trading is allowed on Monday evening
  • StartTime - trading start time
  • StopTime - trading end time
  • Time filter settings for other days of the week are identical
John 2020.07.05 13:26 

So bad EA!

Ian79 2019.12.17 11:48 

Huge losses in 2019 (around -60%). Those losses really happened in specific situations like the one with the BREXIT. I think with the addition of a news filter, this EA could be profitable but support has stopped so we will never know.

I will keep an eye in case by miracle the author comes back here.

Paul Thatcher
Paul Thatcher 2018.08.12 18:57 

I have been using Air Mechanic for 3 months. I run lots of scalping EA's and Air Mech has been the most profitable. Results mirror Igor's signal which has performed very well in what have been difficult scalping months.

A good price, and organised set files plus a a live signal which has been running for 19 months with profit over 300% and DD a comfortable 24%. Nice one Igor!

Mike Geesing
Mike Geesing 2018.06.24 12:33 

Nowadays the ea seems to work good again. The author deserves my respect. He had a lot negative comments to answer, some of them saying go to aida, but this ea shows even way better reults as we now can see. The ea performs pretty goods especially the last month's. The month of august 2017 with a loss of -21.94% was very unfortunate, however the profit covered the loss and now it shows good results. Lets see how it goes, I started it again.

Weilun Cao
Weilun Cao 2018.02.09 03:55 

The author has provided a very good tool, how to make good use of it, you need to find out, do not expect to make profits without thinking。

Chuanqi Zheng
Chuanqi Zheng 2017.11.10 01:41 

Usuário não fez qualquer comentário quanto a classificação

Pip Collector
Pip Collector 2017.09.17 07:22 

It seems that everyone who complain about the author is right.....

will see if the author change his attitude and listened to customer and improve the EA...

until then 1 star

Siu Cheung Colin Tsui
Siu Cheung Colin Tsui 2017.09.04 05:01 

Usuário não fez qualquer comentário quanto a classificação

Samer Gowid
Samer Gowid 2017.08.31 02:18 


Air Mechanic keeps losing trades, as usual, for about a month now. Based on the current market conditions, the majority of EA developers are now optimizing their EAs in order to work in similar conditions. They even started to provide the people who purchased their products with new settings and even updated versions, but the developer of this EA still insists that the EA is best and that the market itself is not good so it is the mistake of the market and not the EA.It seems that we lost the money we invested in this EA as there is no hope to receive an updated version which can last for years. in addition to that we lost more than 25% of our account balances.


The EA keeps losing trades resulting in a DD of 22% in almost two weeks. The strategy utilized failed to place a single trade with a decent profit in these two weeks, only consecutive loss trades. The entry point is not accurate and the risk/reward ratio is very high. The author has no interest to update nor to optimize the EA. I will keep updating my review weekly.


I think it is time to confess that there is something wrong with the AIR MECHANIC trading strategy and its large stop loss limit (risk to reward ratio). The overall performance of the EA during more than six months is much lower than expected. In a week we lost about 18% which indicates that there is a serious problem with both entry and exit strategies, even if the market conditions have changed. Now it is time to say that it seems that I lost the money I invested in this EA. I also lost a big money due to the utilization of it as well. My decision now is to disable it until further notice. the author needs to review the whole strategy and to accept the comments of customers as he replies to comments in a not acceptable way (refer to his comments in the comments section). He should limit losses by using a dynamic stop loss system based on support and resistance limits as well as to include a news and volatility filters in order to reduce risks. He also did not evolve the technique nor the EA since January and he always insists that his EA is perfect in its current version which completely doesn't make sense . Why not to program the EA to trade with half lots after any loss (money management) or event to stop trading for three days after reaching a DD of 5% for example. why not to utilize more indicators which help to avoid trading in these market conditions?. This version must be modified and he should include more features including news filter, more indicators, dynamic stop loss, good risk to reward ratio and money management. I also advise the author to avoid toxic pairs ( not stable pairs) such as CHF. All these losses took place when the EA traded CHF pairs in the last week.

I will keep updating my review.


The EA is promising and proved its effectiveness over a time period of three months. With regard to the losses incurred in the last week of the last month and in particular the last three days, I think that the next version of the EA should be modified to include the below.

1- A Break even exit strategy or something similar (limited martingale-hedge)to protect your investment when things go against the opened trades.

2- Automated News Filter. I think it is a must.

3- Very Important: to limit correlated currency to a maximum of 1 or 2 pairs only (to be selected by the user). For example,two USD only in addition to two CHF only, and so on. This will prevent the EA from opening 5 pairs of USD which will significantly help when the USD goes against the strategy (this will save our accounts from huge losses).

4- A safe mode(dynamic SL) based on channel exit approach in order to reduce the very large SL utilized (400 - 900 points).

5- To add a protection system that gives an error message on the chart if you applied a wrong setting file to a chart.

6- All parameters should be re-optimized to consider the current market conditions and to avoid having such a big loss (11% in three days - Risk factor=1.1 (small risk)) in the future.

I hope you could include all of these points in your next version. They are really needed.

Thank you very much.

N.B: I will update the score to 5 once the next version is released.

Andreas Mollstaetter
Andreas Mollstaetter 2017.08.23 08:46 

Compliment to Igor

EA is profitable

Low DD

Igor is very helpful

He always answers very quickly

The best EA - stable wins

Thanks Igor


July 2017 and August very high losses

EA disabled

I had bought it because of little DD

If I activate it again I do not know

Wei Song
Wei Song 2017.08.15 17:42 

If there were 0.5 stars, I would give it to you

Alwina Rotfus
Alwina Rotfus 2017.08.14 13:24 

Usuário não fez qualquer comentário quanto a classificação

burak bahadir
burak bahadir 2017.08.11 14:28 

Update: It needs a major update ( specially for exit strategy ) after several serious drawdowns. Its not safe as before anymore. I am waiting Igor to improve the algo and reduce the risk. Until than I put 1 *

Air Mechanic.. It's safe profitable and always working with stop loss. I am getting similar results of the author's signals with my broker Tickmill. Igor is also very helpful and well organized with very good set files. Its working so good so far. I give 5*****

Xiaoyu Liu
Xiaoyu Liu 2017.08.11 03:47 

Do not buy. Serious warning.

Chao Xu
Chao Xu 2017.08.11 02:23   

it is time to stop it

Gregory Clements
Gregory Clements 2017.08.09 23:07 

Igor, I have owned and used your EA for quite a while past but I didn't do a review before because I don't like to sound negative. But you would have seen in my comments over the past few weeks that this EA was destined to fail and I was waiting for you to get some kind of wake up call. Actually, coming from a 15+ years trading back ground the way to fix this EA is not too complex or difficult. Quite a few of the night trader EAs have the same problem and the solution is applicable to all of those exhibiting the roller coaster draw downs.

1. Accept that people do not like big draw downs. On a 100k+ account 10-15% is not peanuts.Btw, I switched off your EA a few weeks ago

2. The easy fix is as follows: Allow a ceiling for loss protection and introduce dynamic lot sizes. The trader dials in what % of the account he is prepared to lose. EA then keeps its original stop loss but calculates the lot size to suit the % amount that trader has specified as max amount he is prepared to lose.

3.Immediately after the trade is opened EA looks on M15 for the nearest support and resistance level and moves SL to that level. This introduces dynamic stop loss.

These not too complex changes would allow you to reduce the initial stop loss (which for now is unacceptably super large and would reduce the lot size if using loss %). Smaller and more realistic SL provides larger lot size and greater leverage and profitability. Coming off the back of that you have a dynamic stop loss which is triggered at the entry point and one that is much more realistic and based on very real market support and resistance. Better to take a small loss than burn a hole in the account

Best of both worlds - dynamic lot sizes and dynamic stop loss. Should be easy for a programmer like you :)

pwret 2017.08.09 20:04 

Testing, I will update into 5 stars if I can reply author's singal


Update... Profitable


Second update: so far so good, continue working on this Expert, to make it a masterpiece

second day that ea is working and +3.2%


Update: so much losses... fix this ea

dilishnv 2017.08.09 06:20 

dont buy this EA

Zhihao Wang
Zhihao Wang 2017.08.05 07:53 

With this EA, I lost a lot of money! It's not worth it!

julietaforex 2017.08.04 23:56 

Usuário não fez qualquer comentário quanto a classificação

David Muresan
David Muresan 2017.08.03 15:37 

Usuário não fez qualquer comentário quanto a classificação

husar2003 2017.08.03 15:33 

I have experience with a few other night traders. Air Mechanic currently shows the best entry signal. Therefore it can stand the position longer open to get more profit. Of course you will get SL as well, but it hits more often than it looses. Some pair will loose , others will compensate. It opens regularly. Good for rebate service. Air Mechanic is able to enter the market early and to leave late. Also it makes fast profits. If profit or loss is not enough it may trade long into next day. So it is kind of a hybrid taking chances late evening and into next day. Trades are almost identically to the authors signal. If things change in will update. I miss a news filter at least for USD. I will update to 5 stars if things go well within next weeks.

Update 2017/08/03 - I keep my 4 stars. Trades match the ones from vendor signal. My advice to all with higher balance accounts: reduce the risks to all pairs to 2% (maximum 4%) to protect balance. Of course true for most expert advisors in the market.

espro 2017.08.03 14:12 


Eloy Romero
Eloy Romero 2017.08.03 11:07 

One month testing and all blown in two nights. This EA is by far not enough mature, it has not news filter or breakout detection against the trade. Also autolot is very difficult to set due every pair needs a different value to be set. I still have another month to run the EA, hope I can change my rating to a better one.

Update 1: No more chances, EA disabled. Luck for me I didn't enable EURCHF this week. So much DD in 3 days, I don't think the EA is capable of recover in the rest of month. I'm sorry for the just paid rent.

sfx1971 2017.08.02 08:18 

It started so very well, daily profits were small and stable, losses were reasonable. Then the EA committed suicide...

Stop losses are HUGE and although losses are not always that big, when it does finally hit the SL it normally wipes out weeks of profit.

Very disappointing as it does show promise. In my opinion it's a work in progress and it requires some additional safety features (I agree completely with Samer Gowid's review)

Ivan is a good guy, very helpful and polite and deserves success. I hope that he continues to develop and improve the EA

Xuejun Qiao
Xuejun Qiao 2017.08.02 06:11 

A very bad strategy has always been a big loss

Vladislav Jusko
Vladislav Jusko 2017.08.01 09:24 

This EA is very bad. After one month using on IC Market ECN Account I have only loss. EA is using big SL, and today I have loss - 400 EUR and week ago -150 EUR. Onetime its huge move on EURCHF, now on CAD. what will be next? In backtest is perfomance not good as well. Author is helpfull, he is trying optimize settings every month, but what kind of EA it is? I can develop also some EA which needs to be opitmized every week but you cannot predict future based on the past and trying to optimize. EA should has some protection in built, and using great indicators. We be aware of this EA!!! The loss will come but you dont know when. I was using it whole july, almost 3 weeks i was profit in 500 EUR, I said waau, such nice EA, but then big loss. This EA is like casino, it haas nothing more. Just like cassino.

Nikita Romashko
Nikita Romashko 2017.07.31 08:10 

всё норм ) ну был лось по еврофранку, не бывает стратегий без лосей, люди смешные, сразу начали сливаться после первого лося:D

я тут посчитал сколько было стоп лосов - 5, думайте сами решайте сами иметь или не иметь :D

update 31.07

не торгуйте на tickmill UK!!!!!!!! не знаю как на icmarkets, но я выхожу с тикмила, минус всех ночников большие стоп лоссы и маленькие профиты

ATM09 2017.07.31 06:02 

Mixed Results. Ran off Default settings at the beginning because I didn't know there were regular updates for set files

The default settings scored an impressive 17/17 trades 100% success rate.

Put on the adjusted and individual set files and loss's began to appear.

End of one month trial period author raised the price of the product but the product failed to deliver performance in line with pricing.

End of trail I was no better off than in the beginning after EURCHF and EURJPY were not handled by the EA satisfactorily.

In my opinion this has a lot of promise but fails to deliver when a loss begins.

It needs a break even exit strategy or something to protect your investment when things go south.

At $100 probably worth the money as long as you don't risk a large account.

At $449 I don't think it is worth the price by it's lack of consistency to deliver reliable results.

marvin89 2017.07.25 04:09 

huge loss with litlle gain am out

wingspeed 2017.07.24 11:54   


claire1121 2017.07.17 13:36 

稳定盈利的ea, 交流微信 18662148010

Martin Metzler
Martin Metzler 2017.07.15 21:56 

Great EA with great results and outstanding support and management of improvements for the EA from Igor!!!!

Well done ... Igor

bla 2017.07.13 03:05   

Running since last week (6 July) as rental. Already made back almost 50% of the rental fee as of today (12 July). Will update this review for the times to come.

Piotr Sigurski
Piotr Sigurski 2017.07.13 00:47 

I've only been running it for 10 days, I will give more updates later. The EA has been profitable so far and the author is helpful. I'm very pleased with my purchase and highly recommend this EA. Use it how the author says.

Hongfan Gu
Hongfan Gu 2017.07.11 04:00 

unpleasant to buy

Eduardo Zuloaga
Eduardo Zuloaga 2017.07.10 12:18 

Excellent EA and support from Igor

Guilai Zhang
Guilai Zhang 2017.07.06 09:53 

Usuário não fez qualquer comentário quanto a classificação

Oleg Fursa
Oleg Fursa 2017.06.21 02:46 

Советник показывает стабильную прибыль при небольшом количестве убыточных сделок. Не дает просадке расти, сам закрывает убыточную позицию. В рынке всегда стоит одной позицией по инструменту. Никаких усреднений и мартингейлов. Спокойная выдержанная работа. У брокера не возникает вопросов по работе советника.

Автору большое спасибо за отличную работу. Надеюсь, что данная стратегия будет еще долго приносить нам всем деньги.

Christian Astillero
Christian Astillero 2017.06.20 18:06 

It is one of the best Eas. The product works just like the signal. Practically earns profits every night

Matthew Todorovski
Matthew Todorovski 2017.05.22 20:16 

Usuário não fez qualquer comentário quanto a classificação

Gregory Hay
Gregory Hay 2017.05.10 22:00 

Good EA so far.

5 stars if i replicate developers performance.

Well coded and lot of effort.

Yonghua Wang
Yonghua Wang 2017.04.27 06:26 

Good EA, so far so good.

Stanislav Tomilov
Stanislav Tomilov 2017.04.14 00:20 

Отличный, безопасный! советник.

Абсолютно безопасен для депозита, хотя иногда и ловит стопы (они есть, это уже хорошо), но быстро восстанавливает потери.

То есть имеем два состояния работы, это либо топтание на месте, либо рост, что в целом (долго срочно) обеспечивает рост депо.

Опять же гибкая настройка, можно поставить агрессивную торговлю и "разогнать" маленькое депо, а можно поставить на большой депозит и получать стабильно маленький процент(с минимальным риском).

Arjun van Merkerk
Arjun van Merkerk 2017.04.03 12:28 

Using EA Air Mechanic on a real account from beginning of February 2017.

Results about 10% per month with reasonable draw down (max 15%). Seems to be working fine.

Ke Huang
Ke Huang 2017.03.05 12:21 

Excellent EA and author . Mr Igor is always helpful and patient to his customers , looking forward to his new works.

NGN2010A 2017.02.14 15:04 


TradeOrDie 2017.02.14 07:40 

Testing for two weeks now on two different live accounts with good results!

Versão 2.0 2018.12.26
Added the function to set the trading pause during the market rollover.
Versão 1.9 2018.11.06
Changed the algorithm calculation of trading lot.
Versão 1.8 2017.02.10
1. Added a trading algorithm for an additional strategy. Now the user can choose which strategy the EA should use: Strategy 1 or Strategy 2.
2. Manual setup has been simplified.