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Hard Rock

Hard Rock is an aggressive high-frequency grid scalper. It opens trades based on indicator values, also uses levels. Can be used for start increase of bonus or cent accounts.


  • Configured to trade EURUSD with 5-digit quotes. Timeframe does not matter.
  • The EA opens many trades, for the additional profit it is possible to enable rebate.
  • Use 0.01 lot per every 1000-2000 currency units. If the deposit is below 1000$, use a cent account.
  • Use 1:500 or higher leverage.

Test the EA using one-minute M1 quotes. Configure TimeZone in the EA settings.


  • InfoPanelShow - show/hide the information panel.
  • Color1,Color2 - the background color of the information panel.

Lot Calculation

  • ModeLots - lot calculation type:
    • ManualLot - set manually;
    • AutomaticLot - automated lot calculation.
  • LotSize - fixed lot value set manually.
  • LotsDeltaDepo - deposit increase factor to increase the lot. The parameter is used for automated lot calculation.

Parameters of Indicators

  • TimeZone - difference between your broker's time and GMT.
  • MaxOrder - maximum number of orders in one direction.
  • Deviation - indicator period deviation during news releases.
  • PeriodRSIFast - fast period of RSI.
  • PeriodRSISlow - slow period of RSI.
  • PeriodMA - MA Indicator period MA.
  • PeriodADX - ADX indicator period.
  • VolatilityFactor - taking into account the volatility factor:
    • Disabled - do not use;
    • By level - taking into account the levels;
    • Always - always include the volatility factor.

Order closing properties

  • BetterPricePips - the number of points after which the EA should look for a better price.
  • LotMultiplicator - lot multiplier.
  • DynamicTakeProfit - dynamic take profit (software controlled).
  • DynamicStopLoss - dynamic stop loss (software controlled).

Trailing Stop

  • TrailingStart - trailing start.
  • TrailingStop - trailing stop.
  • TrailingStep - trailing step.
Sestante 2018.01.29 16:12 

Can't review this EA: It's not possible to use it in combination with other EAs. You have to use it alone. if not, hard rock opens 2.0 lots positions randomly. Please author fix this.

Author sad this problem will be fixed in next release. I will update my review.

Bug fixed. It does what author says.

This ea is no more profitable

Versão 1.3 2017.03.20
Fixed the robot operation in an environment with other EAs
Versão 1.1 2017.02.08
Fixed the automated lot calculation. Changed the display of the info panel.