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Grand Info Panel

The Grand Info Panel is an indicator that displays information on the instrument (specification, current positions) and helps in managing risks. The informer works great with accounts of major currencies (USD, EUR), as well as rouble accounts. The indicator works with all symbols! When attached to the chart, the informer automatically detects the language of your MetaTrader terminal, and if it differs from Russian, all texts will be displayed in English. The panel can also be moved to any convenient location. By default, and when the timeframe is changed, the informer panel will be placed in the upper left corner.


The information on the instrument can be seen in the main window of the utility (see the numbers in figures):

1. "Orders on Chart" button - when pressed, all orders of the instrument will be displayed on the chart as dashed lines: red - sell orders, blue - buy orders.

As pressing this button again removes the order lines, you should be warned - every single trend line will be deleted, including those drawn manually or by other indicators!!!

2. Symbol the indicator is attached to

3. "ATR : 38" - the value of the average price change over the last N candles - customizable value in external variables.

4. Timer - Time till the end of the current candle, displayed in the format "hh:mm:ss".

5,6,7 - lines that display information on buy or sell orders: 4 - number of orders, 5 - volume of orders (lots), 6 - profit of orders.

8. "Risk Manager" button - opens the additional panel that displays information on your account (balance, free margin), and also allows to calculate your risks by using edit boxes (more details below).

9. "Market Info" button - opens another panel that shows certain information on the instrument (spread, tick value, margin for 1 lot, etc.)

Risk manager

Attention. You are responsible for managing the risks. This option only makes the calculations!

The utility features two methods for calculating the maximum possible lot size based on FREE MARGIN of the account, or based on allocation of a certain part of equity (%) for performing deals (calculation formulas are shown in the images):

  1. Calculation of the maximum possible lot based on deposit with consideration of Stop loss.
  2. If the "stop loss: field is left with the value "0", then the maximum possible lot is calculated without consideration of this parameter.

Clicking the "Risk Manager" button opens a panel, where the information on lots is displayed after entering the stop loss and risk values and clicking the panel itself. Description of each label:

10. Account Balance - Account balance in the deposit currency;

11. Free Margin - Free margin in the deposit currency (risks are calculated based on this value)

12. Max Lot By Risk - calculated value of the maximum possible lot for this instrument, without consideration of Stop loss. If an integer value of stop loss is entered, this line will automatically change to Max Lot By StopLoss

13. Current Lot in Market - Sum of volumes (lots) of open orders on the account, i.e. all instruments that have deals (pending orders are not taken into account)

14. Available Lot By Risk - Represents the difference between the "Max Lot" and "Current Lot in Market". It displays how many more lots can be opened based on the risk and/or stop loss parameters. If there are "0" available lots, the text color changed from green to red.

15. Account DrawDown - value that represents the current account status using a percentage (calculated by the formula: (Balance - Free Margin)/Balance*100) and color. The color changes from green when drawdown is negative (i.e. there is profit) to maroon when drawdown is > 50%. The line for Free margin is colored similarly.

Indicator Parameters

  • Bars For Volatility Calculation - the number of bars to calculate the ATR
The indicator price is just $25 until the end of December! After the New Year the price will be $45!
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Versão 2.0 2017.01.25
In the new version, the "Orders on Chart" has been renamed due to expansion of the functionality - "Show Orders". Now, when it is pressed, it also opens a list of all orders on the account in addition to displaying orders on the current instrument it is running on as lines. In the list title:
Symbol - instrument that has open deals;
Deal - the number of orders on the symbol;
B_Lots - the total volume of buy deals on the symbol;
S_Lots - the total volume of sell deals on the symbol;
Profit - current profit for the symbol with consideration of all open deals;