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Setslav Scalper S1

Setslav_Scalper_S#1 is a scalping Expert Advisor developed specifically for working on real accounts, which does not require any strict conditions or a specific broker. This is not a typical scalper since it has the following distinguishing features:

  • no need to select a broker - it works with any broker;
  • no need for a minimum spread - spread value does not affect the EA operation;
  • no need for high-speed VPS;
  • not affected by account type;
  • losses are limited by StopLoss level which is not too high.

The Setslav_Scalper_S#1 operation is based on four strategies for each instrument independent of each other. Each strategy is based on three indicators + mathematical calculations and technical analysis on a separate timeframe. All parameters can be optimized for any trading style. The EA may open multiple positions based on a single strategy. The number of opened orders can be selected in the parameters.

The EA also features the info panel displaying the entire trading process and detailed statistics.

Setslav_Scalper_S#1 may act not only as a scalper but can also be re-optimized to fit any trading style. Below is a small list of the EA possibilities:

  • Scalping.
  • Following a trend.
  • Martingale/anti-martingale (lot-increasing/lot-decreasing ratio).
  • Averaging (by time, by distance from the last open position).
  • The EA can be adjusted for both conservative and aggressive trading of any style.

The default adjustments are as follows:

Currency pairs using in trading: EUR/USD, EUR/GBP, GBP/USD.

Timeframe: M30

Very important! Run the EA on one chart only (either EURUSD, or EURGBP, or GBPUSD). Trading will be performed on three pairs simultaneously, independently of each other.

Disable the panel to accelerate a test. To do this, set Use_Panel to false.

The most important inputs

  • Use_Panel = true – display the panel on the chart. false – disabled.
  • DisableAllTrade_InfoOnly = false - disables all trading, allows to view trading results on the EA's panel on a home PC, if the EA is running on VPS.
  • Symbol_1 = EURUSD - trading symbol. To disable the instrument enter NO.
  • Symbol_2 = EURGBP - trading symbol. To disable the instrument enter NO.
  • Symbol_3 = GBPUSD - trading symbol. To disable the instrument enter NO.
  • MoneyManagement = true – enable/disable the common money management function. When false – disabled;
  • Risk_value = 1.0 - risk level.
    If 1 - 0.01 lot per $750.
    If 2 - 0.01 lot per $375.
    If 3 - 0.01 lot per $250.
    If 0,5 - 0.01 lot per $1500.
    And so on in the same manner.
    The value can be set to less than 1, for example, 0.3 for a more conservative trading. Before changing this parameter, test the EA in the strategy tester with the selected value.
  • UseAutoCalculateProfLoss = true - automatic calculation of profit relative to the selected risk (Risk_value). If false, you can manually configure take profit as a percentage for each strategy in the Proc_Prof_trade parameters.
  • Use_Stop_or_Take = true - enable/disable SL and TP.
  • Stoploss = 70 – stop loss value;
  • Takeprofit = 40 – take profit value;
  • AutoClosePositions = true - enable/disable the automatic position closure;
  • B1_Proc_Prof_trade = 0.25 - profit as a percentage of the deposit to close all orders opened by the Strategy BUY_1;
  • B12_Proc_Prof_trade = 0.2 - profit as a percentage of the deposit to close all orders opened by the Strategy Buy_12;
  • S1_Proc_Prof_trade = 0.25 - profit as a percentage of the deposit to close all orders opened by the Strategy Sell_1;
  • S12_Proc_Prof_trade = 0.2 - profit as a percentage of the deposit to close all orders opened by the Strategy Sell_12;
  • MaxTrades = 10 – the maximum number of orders per strategy;
  • k_Lots = 1.0 – lot multiplier for trading with martingale. It is also possible to use a decrement.
  • UseTrailing = true – use trailing stop. false – disabled;
  • TrailingStop = 40 – trailing stop size;
  • TrailingStep = 1 – trailing step, in points;
Alfonso Garcia
2018.06.04 22:02 

After 4 months working with P1 and P4 of Setslav EURUSD Series, i can tell that my results are so similar as the monitoring account of Stanislau, Setslav may be its one of best EA on mql5, have 4 diferents styles to trade depending what are you looking for, one of the most remarcable its the drowdown control, for example for P1 never most that 10% of your capital, if you select diferent type of proyect you will have a diferent DD, i prefer conservative. In resume, Setslav its a PROFETIONAL SYSTEM, give you option for be the trade as you want and always protecting your capital, as the designer says, its dosent matter what kind of account, broker, or VPS services are using, Setslav gonna work for you. For me 5 stars, thank you so much Stanislau.

Nono Winarno
2018.05.23 15:28 

Not good for me.

2018.05.23 11:04 

I started this EA at 05.17 with $1,000.

my setting is project 4 set file.

first close was at 05.21.

Now my account is $933.

I will update next result.

2018.05.18 22:24 

Купил все четыре советника у Станислава.

Хочу сразу сказать, что первое впечатление о Станиславе очень положительное. С первого же взгляда сразу становится понятно что это серьезные торговые системы. Все четыре советника установлены на реальный счет 2500$ у Брокера ICMarkets на Tru-ECN . Уже сегодня ситема начала торговать, пока ордер открыт но это и есть самое интересное в этой системе. Я выбрал консервативный сетфайл Project1, этo самый консервативный метод с минимальным риском 3% депозита на ордер. Скоро будет реальный мониторинг с результатами и нашей историей ордеров на MyFxBook. Желаю нам и всем Вам Удачи.

И еще раз хочу воспользоваться возможностью и поблагодарить Станислава, за проделанную работу.

I bought all four advisers from Stanislav.

I want to say right away that the first impression of Stanislav is very positive. From the first look, we understand that they are serious trading systems. All four advisers are set to a real account of $ 2500 from the Broker ICMarkets on Tru-ECN. Already today the system began to trade, but the order is still open, but this is the most interesting thing in this system. I chose the conservative Project1 project file, this is the most conservative method with a minimum risk of 3% deposit per order. Soon there will be real monitoring with the results of our history of orders on MyFxBook.

I wish us and all of you good luck.

And once again I want to use this opportunity to thank Stanislav one more time, for this great work.

2018.05.14 09:50 

Great superEA, Stanislau always available for clarifications!

Update: 3 months I am using the EA, it works great and Stanislau is helping like the first day! Highly recommended!

Arno Richter
2018.05.07 12:37 

Very cool EA, Stanislau is always available for support!

Gianni B.
2018.05.05 23:26 

Ho da poco iniziato a studiare il set più conservativo (Project 1): l'EA sembra molto promettente.

2018.05.05 04:01 

Good Support from the Author. The EA perform as expected.

Randy Katz
2018.02.11 04:37   

All this software is scam, cannot even break even, then release new software before the old one is fixed. This is what they do. To burn the newbie's money....

2017.10.18 19:28 

one of the worst buying decisions I have made. bad, bad product

patrick de klerk
2017.10.01 20:27   

loss, loss, loss

2017.09.28 11:38   

Всем советую приобретать. Реально работает. Прощупал настройки полностью, подобрал под себя стиль торговли, настройки позволяют сделать массу вариаций. Реально сильная машина, а главное на реале торгует четко с любым брокером и нет разницы с тестером. Не жалею потраченных денег. Уверен, отобью их очень скоро.

Eng Hoe Teh
2017.09.23 15:32 

good ea

2017.09.15 08:17   

Hi, can you please help I bought this product and place it on my mt4 platform GBP/USD with equity of $2000, but since then nothing happens, what can I do. Thanks

2017.08.17 10:20 

Usuário não fez qualquer comentário quanto a classificação

Igor Holko
2017.07.21 08:11 

New version 4.4 for EURUSD is working perfectly. Low drawdown, low stoploss.

About live results I will write a month later.

Still 5 stars. Working as vendor signal. New version 5 looks very good.

21.7.2017 For the last two or three weeks, I watched the authors signal and compared it to my account. It was totally the same. Final version 6 is fantastic. Definitely I give five stars to this product.

Toruk Makto
2017.07.12 21:39 

I purchased and Scalper works very well and results from backtesting are very promising. The support from the developer is A-Plus and I will be going Live with confidence knowing that I'm in good hands. Great job!

Andrew Lee
2017.07.12 08:29 

So far EA has performed well and trades are in line with vendors results. Excellent support as well - very helpful and responsive.

2017.03.11 19:03 

I just run a backtest of the new 3.2 version scalper,this is amazing.Im gonna run a week on demo account and than goes for real.

Stanislau you done a great job.

ubnt77773333 Александр Максимов
2017.02.07 05:24 

Постоянно пользуюсь советниками Станислава. Предыдущие два советника работают очень хорошо. Надеюсь и этот новый Скальпер покажет себя отлично. Всем рекомендую продукцию Станислава. Сохраните свои нервы. Постоянно выпускает обновления! Спасибо!

Versão 9.1 - 2018.05.08
This is a planned update, using multi-level optimization. In the next few days, similar update will be implemented in all experts of the Setslav series.

An original technique was used for optimizing the trading algorithm, which took into account many factors such as:

..........the behavior of the specific trade instrument
..........the maximum possible daily fluctuations
..........the size of possible spread expansion
..........the size of a possible gap
..........all phases of the market: flat, trend, fluctuations

The uniqueness of optimization also lies in the fact that the system gives positive results beyond the optimization period - before and after, and with different settings, for all Projects. For example, if optimization was performed in the period 2015-2016, then the EA should show positive dynamics in both 2013-2014 and 2017-2018 periods (for all Projects). Only then the trading algorithm and settings are considered to be optimal.

Also, new features:

_____1. Increased the stop loss level for each strategy from 0.5% to 1.2% (at risk =1), and also increased the take profit level from 0.35% to 0.8%. These are the optimal settings, at which the system is able to easily withstand intraday fluctuations for all projects.
_____2. It is now possible to set separate levels of risk, take profit and stop loss for each currency pair.
_____3. Improved the information panel. Now it shows the lot size for opening positions on each instrument and the risk value.
Versão 8.3 - 2017.11.28
This is the Final, stable version of the 8 release.
All strategies for each currency pair are debugged for use in different trading styles.
Versão 8.2 - 2017.11.06
1. All strategies have been optimized for a more stable and secure trade.

2. The number of orders opened for one strategy at a time does not exceed 2.

3. The step between the orders of one strategy has been changed from 10 to 15 pips (in 4 digits).

4. Added conditions + parameters that allow you not to miss signals when trading in long-term style, when an open order is already in the positive zone by n points from the opening price and a signal is received to open an order for the same strategy. Parameters to change:
.....use_trades_in_profit_zone - true; true - use, false - do not use.
.....step_in_profit_zone - 42; - distance in pips from the opening price.
Versão 8.0 - 2017.09.21
1. Adapted to FIFO rules, now the EA works without any problems with any American broker.

2. Optimized all strategies that have shown the worst results in recent times.

3. Added the UseAccountFreeMargin parameter. If false, the calculation of the lot for opening the order will be relative to to the account balance (AccountBalance) instead of Free Margin. This allows you to evenly distribute the volume when opening orders, if several orders of different strategies are simultaneously open. Very closely monitor this parameter when using large risks.

4. Added two very useful, innovative parameters, which greatly expand the Expert Advisor's capabilities: x_Lots and x_Profit.

...x_Lot - multiplies the lot size of positions being opened.
...x_Profit - multiplies the profit size of already open positions.
...And the parameter Risk_value affects both the lot size and the amount of profit.

Thus, by changing only these 3 parameters, you can independently choose for yourself an individual style of trading that will satisfy only your requirements. Plus, if you add changes of the StopLoss parameters to it and activate TrailingStop, then the Expert Advisor can be used as a personal strategy constructor.
Versão 7.0 - 2017.08.31
1) Risks are even more reduced. The StopLoss level has been reduced from 70 to 50 pips for all strategies, while the Take Profit level didn't change, and in some strategies has even increased. Thus the Loss to Profit ratio has improved - it was about 3.5, it became 1.6, i.е. now the EA only needs a series of 2 profitable trades to completely cover a losing order.

2) The number of open orders of one strategy has been reduced from 5 to 3.

3) Improved the money management function for an even distribution of lot sizes for all strategies, all used currency pairs.
Versão 6.0 - 2017.07.24
1. Optimized and added a new pair GBPUSD.

2. Updated the information panel:
..........Information on three pairs is displayed in one panel.
..........Detailed current information is available for each strategy and for each currency pair.
..........For complete control and analysis, the overall trading results for the three pairs are displayed (current + trading history of the account).

3. Added parameter DisableAllTrade_InfoOnly for the ability to just watch the results of trading on the home PC on panel of EA, if the Expert Advisor is on the VPS.

4. Corrected the function of comments, when displayed on the chart.
Versão 5.0 - 2017.07.14
1. Optimized and added a new pair EURGBP.

2. Updated the information panel:
..........Information on two pairs is displayed in one panel.
..........Detailed current information is available for each strategy and for each currency pair.
..........For complete control and analysis, the overall trading results for the two pairs are displayed (current + trading history of the account).
Versão 4.6 - 2017.06.23
Absolutely new update providing a new style and a trading algorithm:
- Now the Expert Advisor can trade with deposits from $200 for standard accounts with the risk 3.5% per order.
- During trading, the floating drawdown does not exceed 2% of the deposit per strategy (if Risk_value = 1).
- The stop-level has been reduced by 6 times, while the profit level for one order has not changed.
- Implemented an individual trading algorithm for each strategy (breakout - rebound).
- A multi-level scheme for closing positions is used, depending on the number of open positions in the strategy.
Versão 3.4 - 2017.04.28
1. The EA can now trade a new currency pair: EURGBP.
2. The MultiTrades parameter has been included in each strategy. It allows opening positions if the main signal is received, regardless of the number of averaging trades opened according to the strategy.
3. Replaced one of the indicator used for opening positions in all strategies, including the new EURGBP pair. The Moving Average indicator is now used instead of the SAR indicator.
4. Improved trade performance.
5. The functionality is fully prepared for optimization of various trading styles.
6. Improved the panel:
- all current results of trading two currency pairs are displayed in a single panel;
- the number of open positions + step and time before opening the next order are displayed during the operation of a strategy.
Versão 2.0 - 2017.02.10
Changed the trading concept.
Added a pause between orders that belong to the same strategy.
Added step between orders that belong to the same strategy.
Upgraded the panel.