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FastPipsScalp is a scalping indicator for small timeframes and StopLoss/TakeProfit values. It can also be used with binary options.

The indicator shows calculated short-term direction for opening short-term trades as a label in any of the chart's four corners. An arrow, a sound and a visual notification are activated for a fast market entry according to the calculation algorithm. "Conservative method" = true by default meaning that signals appear in strict accordance with the current trend direction. False means that counter-trend signals appear as well. The value of the parameter depends exclusively on a user's trading tactics. Number of trend signals is managed by a user and can be equal from 1 to infinity. Please note that trends do not last forever, therefore do not increase this parameter value excessively.

FastPipsScalp has a complex design but it is simple and easy to understand. All its signals are visually comprehensible and unambiguous. Arrows appear at the opening of a new bar and never repaint, relocate or disappear. All FastPipsScalp parameters are developed for М1 timeframe by default but you should adjust them according to your trading tactics.


  • Trend sensitivity (rough) - current trend sensitivity (rough), recommended values are 3-30
  • Trend sensitivity (fine) - current trend sensitivity (accurate), recommended values are 0.02-1.0
  • Number of signals - number of desired signals, recommended values are 1-10
  • Conservative method - switch the indicator mode (true - conservative method, false - aggressive method)
  • Bars to calculate - number of bars for calculation, recommended at least 1000, depends on a PC performance
  • Alert Message - new signal message (true - enabled, false - disabled)
  • Alert Sound - new signal sound alert (true - enabled, false - disabled)
  • Alert Email - new signal email alert, additional terminal setup is required (true - enabled, false - disabled)
  • Alert Mobile - send Push notifications, additional terminal setup is required (true - enabled, false - disabled)
  • SignalArrow gap - distance from the current bar's High\Low to an arrow
  • Arrow size - arrow size
  • SignalArrow color BUY\SELL - signal arrow color
  • Color "only BUY", "only SELL" - current trend label font color
  • Font size - label font size
  • Font type - font type, only from Windows\Fonts
  • Corner - current trend label display corner
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