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MultiCharts Symbols Changer MT4

The goal of this utility is to keep under control all the nine time frames available on MT4 switching among your preferred symbols.

There are nine default linked charts and they can be reduced to six or three if needed. It's possible to reinstall the utility after the last linked chart to control in the same monitor another group of symbols with their own time frames. There are up to thirty-two buttons that can be customized with Forex pairs, indices, commodities, etc.

This tool is optimized for big resolution monitor.

You have to install the utility in the first chart opened in the terminal window and after that open the other linkable charts. Then it's possible to arrange all windows (Alt+R) and as soon as you click on the first button all the charts will be linked.

The nine time frames that are sets as a default are: 1 Month, 1 Week, 1 Day, 4 Hours, 1 Hour, 30 Minutes, 15 Minutes, 5 Minutes, 1 Minute but they can be customized as you prefer. For example you can duplicate some time frames to compare different analysis or price representation (Heiken Ashi, Ichimoku, etc).

It's possible to switch among symbols with the keyboard and shut down all buttons


  • You can select the time frames for the nine charts as you prefer
  • You can decide to link three, six or nine charts (included the chart where the utility is installed)
  • You can customize up to thirty-two buttons with Forex pair or other symbols as indices, metals, etc
  • The button are divided in two subgroup of sixteen buttons each one. They can be deselected if you don't need a group of buttons
  • Groups can be moved together in four different screen positions: top, right, bottom and left
  • Starting from the current position you can choose the position of the group of buttons related to the chart window in terms of pixels
  • It is possible to customize the color of button: the background and the edge
  • You can choose the font, the color and the size of the time frames labels
  • It's possible to shut down the buttons and switch among symbols just pressing a key


Shortcut Keys

Switch among symbols:  

F - forward 
H - backward

Q - Chart Mode: OHLC, Candlesticks, Line

1 - On/Off Grid
2 - On/Off Period Separation
3 - On/Off Scale Fix
4 - On/Off show Trade Levels
5 - On/Off chart Autoscroll
6 - On/Off chart Shift
7 - On/Off Volume

dcau93 2018.04.19 01:48   


i just buy it and put 9 charts then with alt + R the windows are arrange correctly in screen but not linked. if i click on one button currency all charts have the same currency but my objective is to have 9 different screen linked in one chart . what i have to do to link all charts together ? thanks for help

Versão 1.2 2018.11.24
- Added customized shortcut Keys with the possibility to shut them all down in the input:
Q - Chart Mode: OHLC, Bar, Line
1 - On/Off Grid
2 - On/Off Period Separation
3 - On/Off Scale Fix
4 - On/Off show Trade Levels
5 - On/Off chart Autoscroll
6 - On/Off chart Shift
7 - On/Off Volume

The default setup is Off=false
Versão 1.1 2018.08.06
- Added the possibility to switch among symbols with a key (F - forward or H - backward).
- Added the possibility to shut down buttons and switch among symbols with keyboard (All the tickers ought to be valid for your broker and not repeated).