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Toolbox PRO 1 toolbox

Toolbox PRO 1 (toolbox) – create quickly and precisely multi timeframe technical analysis on a single chart.

With Toolbox PRO 1 (1 of the 4), you can quickly create a very precise multi-timeframe technical analysis on a single chart (e.g. to clone it to another chart) in MetaTrader 4. Technical analysis from lower timeframes does not disturb on higher timeframes. Technical analysis from higher timeframes is exactly aligned to tops and bottoms on each lower timeframe. The timeframe of object origin is easily recognizable by object color and its description. Object tooltip shows you more specific information about object type, timeframe of creation and price of anchor point 1. Objects are plotted directly from MetaTrader 4 toolbox, also with keys Ctrl, Shift and Alt Gr. Drawing is very easy and does not require specific skill. The tool is completely invisible on the chart, so just attach it to a chart and forget about it.

Toolbox PRO 1 works with all objects plotted from the terminal, which anchor points are related to the time and price on the chart. Instead of changing object properties each time you want to get another style, color or visibility, you need only know how to draw objects with three keys: Ctrl, Shift and Alt Gr. All is very easy and does not require specific skill. Magnetic alignment of Toolbox PRO 1 automatically aligns object anchor points to the tops or bottoms on each lower timeframe. Description accurately defines object type, period of creation and the time of creation. The tool has more than 700 inputs for all objects, but you need only set your predefined properties of objects that you are usually using in your technical analysis. Like my other tools, Toolbox PRO 1 was created in such a way as not to disturb the chart, and at the same time be extremely efficient tool.

How to draw objects with keystroke?

With Toolbox PRO 1, objects are drawn accordingly if they can have a ray, can be filled by color or can have ray and can be filled by color. By default, objects are drawn from MetaTrader toolbox with the ray (if can have) and solid style of line. With key Ctrl, objects are drawn with the ray and in second variant of style, which as default is dotted style of line. With key Shift, objects are drawn without ray or as filled by color. If object can have ray and can be filled, then keystroke Shift is used to draw object without a ray, and then filled objects are drawn with key Alt Gr. Also, keystroke Alt Gr is used for drawing trend lines as support and resistance levels which indicate their place of origin, rectangles in that case are drawn as supply and demand zones with description. Every 10 seconds Toolbox PRO 1 verifies the horizontal position of all S/R lines, also with key Ctrl.

How to use magnetic alignments?

Toolbox PRO 1 automatically aligns object anchor points to tops and bottoms on each lower timeframe, so objects are not shifted on lower chart periods. If anchor point is below candles and in distance of sensitivity, then Toolbox PRO 1 will align anchor point to the nearest bottom, if above, then to the nearest top. If you need force alignment, then press key Ctrl and click or drag object near destination top or bottom. Magnetic alignment with key Ctrl is working with all objects, which anchor points are related to the time and price of the chart.


For Pitchforks and the Fibo, you can set the number of levels, their values and colors, but not all work properly, even it is written according to the MQL4 reference. For Fibo, you can change only last color as color of all levels. Unfortunately, for now, additional levels of Andrews Pitchfork does not work at all. Andrews Pitchfork PRO with colored levels, trigger and slider lines you will find here. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. For some objects like Trend By Angle or Gann tools, automatic alignment works only for the first anchor point. Gaps in bar history on lower timeframes can cause huge unexpected leaping of object anchor points, especially on bottoms. In that case, you need to delete “.hst” file in history.

Due to characters limitation, more information about this tool you will find in the product Comments tab.

Please let me know if you have any suggestion or question.

pnutfx503 2017.08.12 15:30 

Good tool

jesus4265 2017.05.02 19:47 

Amazing tool! everyone should get this indicator it is a must-have, and a very responsive author.

teodosy87 2017.02.09 02:19 

Best tool for good analysis! Also the programmer is super responsive. He acts very very quickly, i had an issue and he did all he could to fix it. It could not be more happier with my purchase.

Versão 1.11 2017.02.15
Added key code if your keyboard layout does not support the Alt Gr key. It solves problem with right Alt key if you can't place objects like S/R lines or SD zones. "Description in tab Comments".