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Cool Channel

The Expert Advisor trades based on the channel borders. When it starts, it calculates the channel and opens deals depending on the location of the price.

The EA always uses virtual take profit and stop loss, which are calculated depending on the channel width.

The EA can open additional orders in the amount specified in the Maximum quantity of open positions field

The EA does not use martingale, arbitrage or scalping.

Make sure you test the product in the strategy tester.

If you use multiple experts per account, do not forget to change the Magic number.


  • Lot size - lot size
  • Magic number - Magic number
  • Step to open next position in the same direction - Step for opening the next position in the same direction
  • Depth of analyze history (bars) - Depth of bat history analysis
  • Flat distance (0 - no correction) - Correction distance (0 - no correction)
  • Maximum quantity of open positions - The maximum number of opened positions
  • Time to start - Operation start time
  • Time to finish - Operation end time
Wlodek Nar
Wlodek Nar 2016.10.20 02:46 

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Versão 1.20 2016.10.13
1. Added slippage.
2. Added the second operation start and end time.
3. Fixed some minor bugs.