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Breakout monster

The Expert Advisor is designed for trading XAUUSD (GOLD), but it showed good results on currency pairs too!

The EA trades based on the extremum breakouts of the standard ZigZag. The actual extremums are determined according to the proprietary method. The EA has highly customizable settings, which are suitable both for aggressive and for conservative trading. The wide range of settings covers many aspects from sending email messages and pudh-notifications to risk calculation method (based on balance, free margin, etc).

Every deal is protected by stop orders. You can use trailing stop, if necessary.

Gamblers or risky traders can use the integrated "Recover Losses" feature - somewhat "safe" Martingale, which can be customized to fit the trading style or completely disabled.

It is also possible to configure the EA trading hours, set the maximum allowed spread and the minimum distance between the extremums.

===*** Trade settings ***=== - block of trade settings

  • Start hour - trading start hour
  • Finish hour - trading end hour
  • Method calculation of risk - risk calculation method (based on balance, free margin, equity, maximum balance value)
  • Use fix lot - use fixed lot, if set to "No", the lot size will be calculated as risk percentage per deal
  • Fix lot or risk percent- fixed lot size or percentage of risk per deal (depending on the previous parameter)
  • Stop loss(pips) - stop loss value (pips)
  • Take profit (pips) - take profit value (pips)
  • Slippage(pips) - slippage
  • Space (pips) - offset from the extremum for placing a pending order
  • Magic number - magic number (identifier of the EA orders)
  • Orders comment - comment to the EA orders

===*** Trailing settings ***=== - block of trailing stop settings

  • Use trailing - use trailing
  • Start trailing after (pips) - trailing start (pips)
  • Trailing step(pips) - offset from the price for trailing (pips)

===*** Breakeven settings ***=== - block of transferring to breakeven

  • Use Breakeven - use transferring to breakeven
  • Breakeven after (pips) - the number of pips for moving to breakeven
  • Breakeven level (pips) - breakeven level (pips)

===*** Common settings ***=== - block of the main settings

  • Max Spread Filter (pips) - maximum allowed spread value
  • Spread timeout (minutes) - delay for opening new orders after exceeding the maximum spread (minutes)
  • Minimum High/Low distance(pips) - the minimum distance between extremums (pips)
  • Same order timeout (minutes) - delay for opening orders in the same direction after receiving profit or loss

===*** Recover Losses settings ***=== - block of settings for the "Recover Losses" feature

  • Use recover losses - use the feature
  • Lot multiplier - lot multiplier
  • Maximum steps - the maximum number of cycles

===*** Message settings ***=== - block of notification settings

  • Send e-mail - send messages to email
  • Send notification - send Push notifications

===*** ZigZag settings ***=== - block of the ZigZag indicator settings

  • Period for analysis - time frame for the analysis of indicator values, the chart time frame can be changed freely, nothing will go wrong (this parameter is ignored in the strategy tester)
  • Depth - depth
  • Deviation - deviation
  • Backstep - back step

Mingpan Fan
Mingpan Fan 2017.04.21 06:59   


Vratislav Tukal
Vratislav Tukal 2016.10.22 19:54 

very good results on backtests... now, I try it on DEMO account...

Versão 1.1 2016.10.06
The algorithm for modification of pending orders has been changed without changing the overall strategy.