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FFx Xtreme Accelerator

FFx Xtreme Accelerator is a fully automated EA using an advanced algorithm that find price reversal acceleration.

Highly customisable, it allows the user to manage orders with TakeProfit, StopLoss, Trailing Stop and Breakeven ... Chose to trade with a fixed Lot Size or % based Risk ... Select trading sessions or trade 24/5 ... and option to be alerted when a trade is triggered.


  • It can be traded on any symbol and timeframe.
  • Can be traded on a small account (eg. 100$)
  • No martingale, no hedging


  • Adjust the risk to your own trading style
  • Keep tight StopLoss and let the Trailing Stop do its job

I will post regularly in the "Comments" section my finding for specific best pairs and timeframes ... Preset files and comments.

EA settings

  • MagicNumber - Unique ID for the orders opened by the EA
  • Fixed Lot Size - Lot size used if MM is = false
  • TakeProfit - The Take Profit in pips
  • StopLoss - The Stop Loss in pips
  • TrailingStop - The Trailing Stop in pips
  • Breakeven - The profit level in pips where the EA secures profit
  • BreakevenLock - The secured pip(s) where the EA moves the SL
  • Slippage - Max pips deviation allowed for the broker to requote the orders
  • MaxSpread - Max allowed spread
  • Use MM - Calculated Lot size instead of Fixed Lot size
  • Risk % - % of the balance used for Lot size calculation (if MM = true)
  • Time session - Option to select time session instead of trading all day
  • Time To Start - Time to start trading
  • Time To Stop - Time to stop trading
  • Trade Sunday/Friday - Select the day(s) to allow trading
  • Sound Alert - Option to get Sound when an order is entered
  • Sound File - Sound file to be used for the alert
  • Popup Alert - Option to get popup when an order is entered
  • Email Alert - Option to send email when an order is entered
  • Push Notification - Option to get phone notification when an order is entered
  • Xtrem Multiplier - Used in the calculation to find the best acceleration

Note: Backtesting is only to give a global overview. Past results are not a guarantee for future results.

Contact: If you have any question or for any help, feel free to message me in private or drop me an email (provided under my profile "all contacts" link).

Joachim Reichelmann
Joachim Reichelmann 2016.10.16 13:05 

Dear Eric, almost all products from you are in my portfolio and with all, i am very happy and it was always a good choice to buy.

But FFx Xtreme Accelerator is the topping of all. The EA works perfect for me.. Thank you very much for this master piece!