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New Line Expert


  • The Expert Advisor defines the most probable price chart movement areas and opens a grid of Buy Stop or Sell Stop pending orders.
  • It does not use high-risk strategies, like martingale.
  • Orders are closed by averaging. Stop loss and take profit can be used.
  • The EA has been developed for trading EURUSD H4.


  • Low deposit load.
  • Not affected by slippage and server delays.
  • Not affected by spread.
  • The minimum deposit is $100 and the minimum lot is 0.01.
  • Suitable for a rapid deposit boost.


  • Lot - order volume.
  • orders - maximum number of pending orders.
  • step - distance between pending orders.
  • TakeProfit - take profit.
  • StopLoss - stop loss.
  • Profit - value, at which all market orders are closed.
  • Magic - order magic number.

Recommended settings values

  • Lot=0.01.
  • orders=10.
  • step=0.005.
  • TakeProfit=1.0.
  • StopLoss=1.0.
  • Profit=1.
  • Magic=10.

Settings values do not depend on the number of quotes' decimal places. Example: TakeProfit = 0.001 is equal to 10 points at four-digit quotes or 100 points at five-digit ones.

Aceman123 2017.11.13 14:10 

Great EA with lots of potential, and Dmitry is a top class developer, very supportive and responsive.

ivylan0217 2016.10.16 15:39 

I have bought it. After a lot of back tests, I think Dmitry is a good programmer and trader. Think deeply and plan carefully.