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Auto Force Signals

The Auto Force Signals automatically defines the most efficient period, during which the accuracy of the signals on a given chart is at its highest. This allows to receive signals with up to 95% accuracy. The trade signals are formed according to the special algorithm based on the indicator values. After the most efficient period and algorithm for forming trade signals is found, the indicator itself is constructed, the buy and sell signals are displayed on the price chart. Period efficiency and signal accuracy values are displayed in the upper left corner of a price chart.


  • Automatic and simultaneous detection of the period in terms of the highest signal accuracy;
  • Smart method of forming the trade signals;
  • Adjustable number of bars in history used in the indicator calculation (Nbars);
  • Buy/sell arrows;
  • Text and audio signal alerts;
  • Editable indicator and level line color and type;
  • Works on 4 and 5 digits brokers.

Input Parameters

  • Applied price (по умолчанию=PRICE_CLOSE) - price used for the indicator calculations;
  • Moving Average method (по умолчанию=SMA) - The method of moving average calculation.
  • Nbars (по умолчанию=500) - number of bars used for indicator calculation;
  • period_min (по умолчанию=2) - minimum indicator period;
  • period_max (по умолчанию=100) - maximum indicator period;
  • Show_Arrows (default=true) - enable/disable buy and sell signals on a price chart;
  • UseSound (default=true) - enable/disable audio alerts when buy or sell signals appear;
  • UseAlert (default=true) - enable/disable text alerts when buy or sell signals appear.
Frostmind 2019.11.13 17:33 

One of the best developers on this site! Extremely fast responses and very professional!

Versão 1.1 2016.09.23
Fixed a bug in the construction of indicator forex