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Advisor Oscillators Trading

The Expert Advisor is based on the analysis of data of the MACD and Demarker oscillators with different periods, which determine the market entries on the price graph reversals. This EA only trades the EUR/USD pair and only on the hourly timeframe. The EA will not work on any other timeframes and instruments, displaying the "Symbol Deny!" message.

The EA implements a simple deposit management system, which does not allow to open orders if the deposit level does not correspond to the specified stop loss and lot, as well as the number of the opened orders. It uses a protection against false triggering, therefore, when it is properly configured, there should be no unprofitable orders in the strategy tester. Setting the default parameters contributes to a better result. The size of obtained profit can only be adjusted by the lot size of the opened orders.

Description of Parameters of the Expert Advisor

  • SL - stop loss
  • TP - take profit
  • DecreaseFactor - opened position volume decrease ratio (relative to the volume of the previous position)
  • MaxOrders - number of simultaneously opened orders
  • TrailingStop - trailing stop.
  • TrailingStep - trailing step.
  • Lots - lot.
  • MaximumRisk - risk when UseMoneyManagement is enabled
  • UseMoneyManagement - risk management; if set to false (default), the lot value is not changed
  • Cent - Trading on a cent account (default is false - disabled)
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