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ILE System

The EA is based on very long-term tests and selections of strategies for different market behavior. The main tactic is aimed at finding a good trend. Entry is based on the indicators and filters that are built into the EA! The product uses hard stops, operates without the martingale, which makes the robot safe enough to trade (of course at moderate risk). During a long flat, the robot tries to keep the balance at one level and does not form large drawdown! It works with all currency pairs, does not use the tick and news strategies, which allows it to work with any broker. The EA is adapted for trading on H1. Recommended pair is GBP/USD!

Attention! In order to improve the quality of trading, the EA uses virtual stop losses and take profits that are constantly modified, so it is not recommended to disable the robot. For best results, use a VPS!


  • Initial deposit - The initial Deposit (the initial Deposit should be specified in order to allow the Advisor to calculate the resulting profit).
  • Auto lot - Automatic calculation of the lot per specified amount. For example, if you specify 100 and the Deposit is $500, lot will be 0.01*5 = 0,05.
  • Order lot - Fixed lot size. Works only if the auto lot option is disabled.
  • Stop loss - Stop loss of orders.
  • Take profit - Take profit of orders.
  • No martingale - Operation without martingale.
  • Filter - Filter of trades in the applied strategies.
  • Magic number - Magic number.
  • Color information - Color of the information.
  • Font size - Font size.
  • Deposit currency - Deposit currency.
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