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Victory MA Signals

The indicator is designed for classifying market entry conditions. It provides two price levels marked with the "MA UP" and "MA DOWN" lines, which form the movement direction, as well as the "UP" and "DOWN" arrays, which indicate the preferred direction of a possible trade. It is better to enter the market on the next candlestick following the level breakthrough. To achieve efficient trading, you should exercise in trading using this indictaor.


  • Period - the period used for the construction of MA lines. Default – 5;
  • Method - price series smoothing method. Smoothed averaging is used by default;
  • comment - comment. Default - enabled;
  • Arrow – trade direction arrows. Default - enabled;
  • mark_up – color of upward direction. Blue by default;
  • mark_dn- color of downward direction. Red by default;
  • mark_width – the width of labels of support and resistance levels. The default is 1;
  • set_Alert – show a popup alert about the direction change. Default - enabled.
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