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Surfing The Waves

Have you ever wondered what happened last night? Well, me neither... This indicator will save you from this hustle, and offer a clean look at the chart.

You will be presented with the state-of-the-art simplicity on every instrument on every timeframe.

Check it and you will be amazed how fast you get the new ideas and how easy is to put them together to work in your favor.

No more Christmas trees on chart, fast and reliable signals.

  • Input parameters: None
  • Colors: option 3 and 4 let you change the colors of two lines
  • Timeframes: All
  • Instruments: All
  • Signal to buy: Upward cross of blue line above red line
  • Signal to sell: Downward cross of blue line below the red line
  • Type of indicator: Momentum based on Linear Weighted Moving Average
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