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FIA Flag of Imagine HFT

FIA Flag of Imagine HFT is an Hight-Frequency Trading solution based on acheiving profit goals for every single trade.


  • No limit of trading any symbols for this EA
  • Martingale design
  • Slippage, spread, commission and order execution speed sensitive
  • Suitable for any broker and any account type which allows EA auto trading


  • Lot size: lot size cannot be less than the minimum lot size for symbol allowed.
  • Other parameters: except LotSize and ProfitPerUnit parameters, other types of parameters need to be integer values.
  • Deposit: $50,000 or higher per 0.01 lot is recommended.

Change in the parameters:

According to the risk level that traders can afford with justified parameters, the parameters could win better than the default setting. To vary the parameters of setting, this EA can also be a useful tool for daily trading or even long-term trading.


  • LotSize - starting lot size of trading cycle. The default is 0.01 lot.
  • AlphaGo_ID - magic number of EA, enables this EA to run on different symbols and timeframes. By doing so, simply enter different integers.
  • slippage - control of slippage amount while entering a trade. 1 means 1 pips.
  • ProfitPerUnit - take profit setting for trading cycle. The default setting is 0.3 means take profit level is at 0.3 dollar per 0.01 lot which is the default setting for LotSize.
  • RiskHedgeLevel- parameter for expanding the trading life cycle. It should be an integer value and higher level of this setting would reduce the trading numbers and trade more conservatively , thus reducing the risk. This parameter must be higher than 0 as an interger. The suggested value for this setting should be in the range from 1 to 10 accordingly.
  • Starting_Time- Time control of EA allowing to open trades, it is based on trading platform time but not local time. The number should be entered is 0-24 in an integer.
  • Finish_Time - Time control of EA allowing to close all trades, it is based on trading platform time but not local time. The number should be entered is 0-24 in an integer. To set both Staring time and Finish time as 0 means allow all-time trading if it is possible.

Testing Result

Testing Result is on EURUSD with the default setting and the suggested settings. In the testing, the EA was running on all trading time and did not avoid any news and economic events. Traders have to adjust and test on their own platforms to minimize the risk level and organize expected return through trading.


This EA can be either a tool or a good automatic trading solution. It is recommended to run this EA for High-Frequency Trading.

To lower the risk level, settings should be varied to trade different currency pairs and avoid market unexpected volatility.

Trading platform should be selected carefully concerning the spread, commission and order execution issues.

To suit different pairs and design a profitable strategy, the parameters should be adjusted according to market conditions.

Yongzhi Wu
Yongzhi Wu 2016.09.18 11:54   


Versão 1.20 2016.07.04
Fixed a bug potentially result order execution failure
Fixed Monday reopen calculation and order execution problem