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Professional Trading System Revolution

The Expert Advisor defines the global trend and trades at breakthroughs of important support/resistance levels following a trend. The EA automatically searches and downloads optimal parameters during optimization.


  • AutoOptimization - auto search, save and download the optimal set of parameters during optimization;
  • OverwriteFile - protection against re-writing;
  • FileNumber - index of the folder with files;
  • OptDrawdown - relative drawdown;
  • OptProfitFactor - profit factor;
  • OptExpectedPayoff - payoff mathematical expectation;
  • TimeOptimization - interval of loading optimized files in minutes;
  • MM - automated money management;
  • Lot - fixed lot;
  • RiskPercent - percentage for automatic lot size calculation;
  • MaxLots - maximum lot in series;
  • Factor - averaging order ratio;
  • PendingFactor - pending order ratio;
  • OpenFirstMode - open the first one in the order series:
    • Off - disabled,
    • OnEveryTick - on every tick,
    • OpenPricesOnly - open prices only;
  • TypeOrders:
    • BuySell - market orders;
    • BuySellStop - pending breakthrough orders (grid);
    • BuySellLimit - pending roll-back orders (grid);
  • OpenReverse - if enabled, open in reverse;
  • OpenSecondMode - open averaging orders;
  • DistanceType - 1 - orders are opened in the first order direction on a certain distance, 2 - orders are opened against each other at a certain distance.
  • Distance - fixed distance between orders;
  • FirstStepOrders - distance from the price for the first pending order;
  • StepOrders - distance between orders from the second pending order;
  • TotalOrders - maximum number of orders in the series - both for market and pending ones;
  • LimitTradeStop - very useful parameter allowing you to trade even on 30 pairs with the minimum balance without overloading a deposit. When opening an order or a series of orders on a certain number of currency pairs, this function disables opening orders for other pairs.
  • StopTradeSymbol - number of currency pairs used simultaneously;
  • Recovery - drawdown exit system;
  • RecoveryTrades - maximum number of market orders on a single currency, at which trading other pairs is disabled before closing the order series;
  • ExpirationMode - close by order lifetime expiration;
  • Expiration - maximum order lifetime in minutes;
  • ExpirationStopMode - remove pending orders by time;
  • ExpirationStop - lifetime of pending orders in seconds;
  • VirtualProfitMode - close by virtual profit;
  • ProfitType - 1 - fixed amount of money, 2 - deposit percentage;
  • TakeProfit - market take profit set for each order separately at a distance from the Open price, rather than breakeven;
  • ProfitCurrency - virtual profit in fixed amount;
  • ProfitPercentage - profit in percentage of the deposit;
  • ProfitExponent - multiplier of the profit percentage/sum with each added averaging position;
  • VirtualLossMode - close by a virtual stop loss;
Further on, stop loss parameters are identical to take profit ones
  • LossSpread - maximum spread for closing orders;
  • StopSymbolLoss - block a pair after closing orders by a virtual stop loss;
  • StrongPriceFluctuations - if enabled, the robot also considers the price movement speed to open orders;
  • Step - variable for measuring the price speed - the higher the value, the higher the accuracy and less frequent the orders are opened;
  • Chart - number of data columns displayed on the chart from 1 to 4.
Detailed description of all parameters - https://www.mql5.com/ru/blogs/post/710852 (in Russian).


  • Currency pair - any of the ones, at which the robot can be optimized;
  • Chart period - H1 (can be optimized for any period);
  • The minimum deposit is $500 per each 0.01 of a starting lot (can be optimized for any deposit from $100).
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