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MACD Profi Expert

This is a professional trading system with 9 MACD indicators, the analysis of which is based on all timeframes (M1 M5 M15 M30 H1 H4 D1 W1 MN) of the current currency pair! You can fully control the trading process and the indicator settings, enable and disable the indicator readings from certain timeframes, and also activate closure of orders when the MACD signal changes on any or all selected timeframes! The EA has sophisticated mechanisms which allow you to control the profit and exit the drawdown if the signals were false! The robot can trade on multiple pairs simultaneously (multi-currency trading) and has many useful settings, making it a true professional in its field and gives the opportunity to build a great tactic from it!

Expert Advisor Settings

Basic settings

  • Language INFO - Language of the information displayed on the screen (Russian/English).
  • Auto Lot - Auto lot (0,01 to the value specified in the filed).
  • Lot - Lot size (disabled if auto lot is used).
  • Martingale - Lot multiplier when using martingale.
  • Stop loss - Stop loss.
  • Take profit - Take profit.
  • Trailing Stop - Trailing stop.
  • Trailing Step - Trailing stop step from the current price.
  • Max Spread - Maximum spread (if 0 uses any spread)
  • Filter New Bar - Trade only at new bars.
  • Revers - Signal reversion.
  • CLOSE SIGNAL - Close orders when signal changes.

Settings of indicators

  • To use MACD M1 signal - Consider the signal from М1 for opening order.
  • Closing on MACD signal - Consider the signal from М1 for closing order.
  • Period of fast average - Fast ЕМА.
  • Period of slow average - Slow ЕМА.
  • Period signal line - MACD SMA.
  • Price type - Applied price type.
  • Shift - Shift.
  • Following are the indicators on all other timeframes with similar settings!
  • Time settings
  • Monday - Monday (enable/disable trading on Monday).
  • Hour start - hour to start operation.
  • Minute start - minute to start operation.
  • Hour stop - hour to end operation.
  • Minute stop - minute to end operation.
  • Following are similar settings for each day of the week.

Additional settings

  • Magic number - Magic number.
  • Color buy - Color of buy orders.
  • Color sell - Color of sell orders.
  • Info - Display information (enable/disable).
  • Text color - Color of the main text.
  • Font - Font.
  • Text Profit color - Text color when in profit.
  • Text Loss color - Text color when in drawdown.
  • Deposit currency - Deposit currency.
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Versão 2.0 2016.07.14
Moved the magic number into settings!