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  • It is possible to see any number of other time frames inside one chart simultaneously and in real time, a simple implementation of the triple screen strategies;
  • It creates boxes of absolutely any timeframe M1, M2, M3 ... H1, H2 ... D1, D2 ... and any other that comes to mind;
  • Creating and transforming the boxes into box candles by displaying the open and close prices of each individual box;
  • Using boxes instead of the main chart, it is possible to hide the main chart;
  • Due to the box candles and hiding the main chart, it is possible to implement multiple custom charts in one;
  • If the daily boxes area selected, the name of the weekday is displayed below each individual box, the days are distributed by colors;
  • The color of each individual weekday can be changed;
  • Boxes can be filled with a color, or can be empty;
  • The box color of each individual indicator can be changed;
  • It is possible to select the number of boxes visible on the chart in order to optimize the terminal operation speed;
  • Trading strategies of trading robots can be created on the basis of this indicator.

IN order to use multiple boxes in one chart, it is necessary to attach multiple instances of the indicator with different parameters to one chart, the indicators do not interfere with each other.

Indicator Parameters

  • Boxes - the number of boxes displayed on the chart;
  • Type TimeFrame (Original / Custom) - type of the timeframe to plot the boxes;
  • Original TimeFrame - if the "Originals" type of the timeframe is selected, then the standard set of the timeframes can be selected from this list;
  • Custom TimeFrame (Minutes) - if the "Customs" type of the timeframe is selected, then the timeframe in minutes must be specified in this parameter.
  • Chart Mode (On/Off) - display or hide the initial chart;
  • Color Boxes - color of the boxes;
  • Color Boxes Sell - color of the sell boxes;
  • Color Boxes Buy - color of the buy boxes;
  • Open Close Boxes (On/Off) - Enable/disable the buy and sell boxes;
  • Background (On/Off) - Enable/disable the color filling of the boxes;
  • Monday - color of the box on Monday;
  • Tuesday - color of the box on Tuesday;
  • Wednesday - color of the box on Wednesday;
  • Thursday - color of the box on Thursday;
  • Friday - color of the box on Friday.
SiowWeeJiat 2017.06.21 14:58 

A very useful and innovative indicator, I am able to see several higher time frame easily and thus make my trading decision easier.