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Ultimate EA

Ultimate EA is a multi-functional Expert Advisor having a set of strategies for diversifying at a pro level. It is completely transparent: forget about obscure EAs with incomprehensible inner logic. Here you know exactly how and why the EA works. Use strategies, not "black boxes".

You are able to develop custom trading symbols with no programming skills. Ultimate EA is simple, convenient and efficient. The EA has eight built-in basic patterns. However, since each pattern features a flexible settings system, you are able to develop completely different trading strategies based on a single pattern.

At the moment [16.10.2017], 28 trading algorithms have already been developed based on Ultimate EA. The List constantly grows bigger.

Automate your trading in four steps:

  1. Select several strategies available with Ultimate EA from the list.​
  2. Develop your own algorithms if necessary.
  3. Conduct all necessary tests in MetaTrader 4 and assemble the strategy portfolio.
  4. Launch the portfolio on VPS or your PC.

You do not need to buy the EA to pass the first three steps! The demo version offers the entire functionality.

  • Download the EA
  • See the detailed description
  • Download set files of strategies (free)
  • Test the algorithms
  • Evaluate them
  • Develop your systems
  • Assemble a portfolio
Ultimate EA provides all that you need for professional trading since you receive diversification for all sorts of strategies: from scalping to mid-term ones, as well as from trend-following to flat ones. Besides, your toolkit will also feature currencies, metals and other instruments. In fact, Ultimate EA is an infinitely scalable portfolio of dozens of EAs for the price of one.


Pattern Settings

TP/SL Settings

  • TP Value - take profit, set > 0 if you want TP in points. Set < 0 for TP in % of ATR.
  • SL Value - stop loss size, set > 0 if you want SL in points. Set < 0 if you want SL in % of ATR.
  • TP/SL ATR Period - ATR calculation period (in case of %ATR TP/SL).
  • Trailing Stop Pips - trailing in points (0 - not used).
  • Breakeven - breakeven in points (0 - not used).
  • TimeStop - exit by time: 1 - disabled; 2 - after a certain time; 3 - after a certain time only in case of a profit.
  • TimeStop Value (hours) - time stop in hours (can be non-integer).

Filters Settings

  • MA Trend Filter - МА filter type: 1 - disabled; 2 - trend filter; 3 - counter-trend filter
  • MA Period - moving average period
  • Trade Open Pips Filter - indent from the exit in points (+/-)
  • Trading Start/Stop Hour - working hour filter
  • Volatility Filter - volatility filter: 1 - disabled; 2 - sort out trades during a low volatility; 3 - sort out trades during high volatility
  • RSI Trend Filter - RSI filter: 1 - disabled; 2 - trend filter; 3 - counter-trend filter
  • RSI Period
  • RSI Value - indent from the value of 50 above and below. Trades above and below the specified values are allowed
  • Long/Short filter - buy and sell filter: 1 - any trades; 2 - only buys; 3 - only sells
  • Days Of Week Filter - week day filter

Other Settings

  • Trade Lot - trading lot
  • Lot by Balance - set the value > 0 to enable automatic lot calculation using the equation: [account balance / Balance * Trade_Lot]
  • Magic Number - unique number of the EA's orders
  • Orders Comment - order comment
castels 2018.03.13 17:31 

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