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Volumes Currency

Supply and demand, as well as the corresponding volumes, are among the main determining factors of the price movement on the currency markets to date. The demand for the currency increases its purchasing power, and as a consequence, the value of the currency against other currencies. The supply acts in the opposite direction, reducing the value of the currency. Such value can have physical meaning and justification, for example, in relation to the volume of material goods, corresponding to a currency.

This multi-currency indicator determines the volume fraction of a currency 8 among 8 major currencies: EUR, GBP, AUD, NZD, USD, CAD, CHF, JPY. The increase in the volume fraction means that there is a demand for the currency and a growth of its value, the decrease of the fraction - that there is supply and decrease of the value. In addition, the currency pairs have some conditional limit values of volume fractions, exceeding which is complicated by many factors.

What does Volumes Currency give?

  • It allows to determine which currency and in what degree causes one or another movement of currency pair price on the price chart.
  • It helps ti identify the main support and resistance levels.
  • It helps to predict the movement and behavior of the price near the important levels.
  • It can be used for determining the entry and exit points for grid and channel trading strategies.

Input Parameters

  • CURRENCY - the currency to calculate the volume fraction;
  • Shift - the shift of the indicator line relative to the price chart.

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