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Advisor is based on the price movement and several classic indicators, together they provide signals with high accuracy. Therefore the signals are not very common, but the accuracy of the signals is very high. Thus, the EA is able to trade large lots, protective stop-orders are placed very close to the price, and the profit, in its turn, is not limited, because the profit-orders are being constantly modified as the price approaches. As a result, the trading becomes as safe and stable as possible.


  • Method - trading method as a drop-down list:
    • First_method — The first method (based on the indicators alone, without measuring the strength of price movement);
    • Second_method — The second method (includes indicators and small measurement of price fluctuations);
    • Third_method — The third method (more rigid than the second method);
    • Fourth_method — The fourth method (even more rigid than the third method, the number of trades decreases but the accuracy of the signals increases);
    • Fifth_method - The fifth method (a little weaker than the sixth trading method);
    • Sixth_method = the sixth method (the most rigid trading method, there are substantially less trades, and the accuracy of the signals is increased by several times).
  • AStoploss — A drop down list of available functions for placing stop orders::
    • SL_Pips — In points;
    • SL_Candles — By candles;
    • SL_Parabolic — Using Parabolic SAR;
    • SL_Moving — Using Moving Average;
    • SL_Bollinger — Using Bollinger Bands.
  • Remove — Delete orders by an opposite signal generated by the additional indicator block (one or several additional indicators should be enabled);
  • Period_Candles — Candlestick analysis chart period for placing a stop order (the higher the period, the larger is the distance to stop orders, because the candlestick size depends on the formation time). The indicator block completely depends on this parameter.
  • Magic — EA's stamp (identifier);
  • StopLoss — Distance to a stop order in points;
  • TakeProfit — Distance to a profit order in points
  • ModifyTP — Modification of the profit-order as the price approaches;
  • Trailing — Enable the main order trailing block (if disabled, the trailing will not work, just like the transfer to the breakeven zone will not be performed);
  • TrailingStop — Order trailing (no trailing if disabled);
  • TrailStart — Distance from the order to enable trailing stop orders;
  • StepTrall — Order trailing step;
  • StopLevel — Transfer to breakeven (no transfer to breakeven if disabled);
  • NoLoss — Distance from an order, at which a stop order is moved to breakeven (if StopLevel = true);
  • MinProfitNoLoss — The minimum profit to move orders to breakeven
  • LotsOptimized — Automated money management;
  • RiskPercent — Auto money management risk;
  • Lots — Lot size if the auto money management is disabled;
  • Slippage — Maximum deviation from the requested price;
  • UseTime — Trading by time (server time is used);
  • BeginTime — Trading start time;
  • EndTime — Trading end time;
  • Spread — Maximum allowed spread;

Following are the variables of the additional indicator block, if they are included in the operation, the indicators will be able to work both separately from each other and together. By default they are all disabled.


  • Instant order execution — ECN;
  • Trouble-free connection to the server — VPS;
  • Currency pair EURUSD (with any prefixes, like EURUSD.f etc.);
  • Chart timeframe — from М1 to H4.
Attention: Make sure to comply with the currency pair and timeframe requirements.
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