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Larry MT4

The "Long-term secrets to short-term trading" book by Larry Williams is probably one of the few worth paying attention to. In it, he describes some of the things that are of particular interest to ordinary traders. Rules for searching important price highs and lows - are one of those very things. Using these rules in practice is possible, but carrying out all the necessary plotting manually is a very tedious task. With the Larry MT4 indicator the search for the price highs and lows and also the plotting of all the necessary lines will take you less than one second.

This indicator finds short-term, medium-term and log-term highs and lows. The search rules fully correspond to those described in the "Long-term secrets to short-term trading" book.


  • Tbars - number of bars for searching

P.S. This indicator price will be valid until 01.02.2016

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