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My Binary EA

This is an Expert Advisor for Binary Options. For this EA, you can select following option:

  • Trade the indicator: Trades opened automatically according to an indicator that you can choose yourself. (The indicator should be in the folder "Indicators" or "Indicators\\Market" to be present.)
  • manually Trade: You open a CALL or PUT Trade (using the "CALL" or "PUT"). The EA will automatically open the trade at the broker, and possibly also the following trades with the right amount of Martingale.
  • MEGA BREAKOUT indicator
  • BinarySHREK indicator
  • EASYBINARY indicator
  • TRADE THE HOUR indicator
  • CopyTrades: Scan MT4 Forex Trades (if a trade is open at forex, the EA will open a Binary Option Trade too)
  • CopyTrades: Scan Arrows in the Chart (if the EA find a arrow of a indicator in the chart, he open a CALL or PUT trade)
  • CopyTrades: Read signals from "CopyTradesForBinaryOption_Sender_EA"

The Expert Advisor runs on all timeframes (up to 4 Hours) and with many different expiration times!

You can trade max 10 currency pairs with one EA! Simply enter in the settings and the EA will trade these currency pairs simultaneously.


A detailed description can be found under "comments". Here you find a link to our current description.

Trading with our indicators

If you want to trade with our indicators, you have to buy this in the marketplace. Only then this EA can trade with the indicator.

Or you buy the full version "My Binary Option EA Full Version". Here are all indicators included. No additional purchase necessary!

You can choose between the indicators

For further information, please click on the indicator link above. You will see how the indicator work.


In order that the Forex News will be displayed, add the following URL:

  1. Click Tools > Options > Expert Advisors
  2. Check the option "Allow WebRequests for listed URL"
  3. Add the following URL to the list: http://www.forexfactory.com/ (for Forex News)

You can test the EA in the strategy tester. But signals are only displayed at the place where trades would be opened. This is due to the special design of the trades for Binary Options.

The results are displayed in the chart. The EA simulates the trades and shows the profit / loss.

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Versão 4.63 2017.09.28
The EA now supports more MT4 Binary Option brokers.
Versão 4.51 2017.03.13
Bug solved while reading the ForexNews. EA does not stop anymore.
Please Allow WebRequests for the URL:
Add the URL http://www.tcoop.de (for forex news)
Versão 4.33 2016.11.11
Fixed bug when calculating balance in Strategy Tester.
Versão 4.32 2016.09.21
- now you can choose 'CopyTrades: Scan Global Variables'. Another EA or indicator writes global variable. This you can now read and open trades.
- In the Strategy Tester past Forex News are displayed and trades can be block. (For this, our tool "News Archive" is necessary.)
- Update at current Forex News reading. Bug at times calculation during the change of a day.
Versão 4.27 2016.08.05
The EA now supports the indicators
- Michaels Binary TRENDY
- Michaels Binary TURBO

The New settings of the "BinarySHREK" indicator are supported.
Versão 4.22 2016.07.07
- Scan MT4 Arrow on Chart
The EA scan the chart for an arrow from a indicator or EA. Like a CALL (Arrow code 233) oder PUT (Arrow code 234). If the "My Binary EA" found this code he will open a binary option trade.

- Copy Forex to Binary
The EA scan the currently open forex trades and open directly a binary option trade with the settings of the "My Binary EA".

- Copy trades from "Sender EA" (from another MT4 account)
Copy trades from the "Sender EA". The Sender EA can run on another MT4 account. The "My Binary EA" can read the open trades on the other account via the "Sender EA" and open a binary option trade with the options that were specified in the settings.

- support our indicator "MEGA BREAKOUT", "BinarySHREK", "EASYBINARY", "TradeTheHour"
The EA can read automatically our indicators. The indicators must be installed in the folder "...\MQL4\indicators" or "...\MQL4\Indicators\Market".
Versão 2.68 2016.06.06
fixed bug in MT4 trades, if open many trades simultaneously. (error 146)
Versão 2.6 2016.05.23
now also available copy binary trades
Versão 2.1 2016.04.12
Fixed bug in the Forex news
Versão 2.0 2016.02.18
- Single/double martingale and compounding
- Martingale risk management
- Own martingale amounts

Max Martingale Level: max martingale level or "NO Martingale".
Martingale Mode:
- Single Martingale (1,2,4,8,16,32,….)
- Double Martingale (1,2,2,4,4,8,8,16,16,32,32,….)
- Compounding (1,2,3,4,5,6,…..)
Single - 1,2,4,8,16, etc. If "LOST", it's value is the next level, if "WIN", the level is 0.
Double - 1,2,2,4,4, etc. If "LOST", it's value is the next level, in case of 2 "WIN", the level is 0.
Compounding - 1,2,3,4, etc. If "WIN", it's value is the next level, if "LOST", the level is 0.
Martingale Risk management:
- NO: Martingale system for each pair
- YES: if all pairs together are in profit, all martingale levels are set to zero
Martingale Amounts Mode
- Calculating with the factor (default = 2.43)
- Use the inputs from the new field „Martingale Amounts“
Martingale Amounts: own amounts like 10,20,40,50, etc.(seperated by a comma).
Versão 1.7 2016.01.07
Fixed errors in results (follow trades calculation) and new settings of the EA.