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Dashboard Display indicator

With the Display indicator you can create a nice, customized and professional dashboard in a few minutes.

You can get your personal dashboard and have a look at a glance of real time updated professional indicators.

You can use the Display indicator with any symbol of your platform.

You also can use specific symbols like:

  • DXY indicator (USD Index)
  • VIX indicator (Fear index indicator from the Chicago Board Option Exchange, requires to purchase DisplayVIX EA to have it working fine)

These two indicators are very important for professional traders.

With the Display indicator, you can customize your display with the following inputs:

  • Symbol: symbol name as it appears in your platform (or VIX or DXY for specific symbols)
  • DisplayName: name of symbol as it should appear in the display
  • RefreshDelay: speed of data refresh in seconds
  • PosX: left position in the screen (X coordinate) of the display
  • PosY: top position in the screen (Y coordinate) of the display

For each standard symbol, the indicator displays following information:

  • Display name
  • % increase/decrease since open of yesterday
  • high of the day
  • low of the day
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