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VR Small Chart

The indicator displays a separate mini chart in a working window similar to МТ5 mini charts.

You can expand/collapse the chart, change the chart symbol, period, as well as time and price scales.

The app works in the strategy tester and you can switch the period of a mini chart.


  • Select symbols - All Symbols: all symbols provided by a broker, Only market watch: only the symbols present in the Market Watch
  • Prefix - two letters for distinguishing between a few indicator copies (if more than one indicator copy is launched at the same chart, Prefix should be different for each of the copies)
  • Colors Skins - color schemes. If Manual, you can set your own using the parameters below
  • Background - background color
  • Border - window border color
  • Border width - window border width
  • Button - button color
  • Button border - button border color
  • Button pressed - pressed button color
  • Button text - button text color
  • Price text - price scale color
  • Price background - current price marker color
  • Price border - current price marker border color
  • Current price - current price color
  • Buy body - bullish candle body color
  • Buy border - bullish candle border and shadow color
  • Sel body - bearish candle body color
  • Sel border - bearish candle border and shadow color


Do not set the maximum test speed when testing the indicator in the strategy tester!

Otherwise, the indicator may slow down since it has to process large amounts of data in milliseconds.

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Versão 16.1 2016.01.19
Optimized the code, the indicator now works a bit faster.
Bar time is now displayed more accurately under the bars.
The daily period delimiters are now displayed more accurately, also when hovering over the delimiter the period start time will be displayed.

Added the "Line" button to display the price line.
Added the "Black 2" skin.

Fixed and improved the appearance of the other skins.
Versão 15.112 2015.11.16
After resetting the terminal, the indicator restores the chart that was active before closing the terminal. Previously, after resetting the terminal, the automated indicator settings were applied to H1 chart of a symbol the indicator had been launched at.
Versão 15.111 2015.11.04
Fixed zero divide bug when switching to another instrument in the mini chart window.