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The strategy is based on the breakdown of support and resistance levels. As the price moves at a certain distance, the robot keeps a pending order expecting a breakdown, and as soon as it happens on one of the support or resistance levels, a pending order is triggered immediately. This method of operation eliminates the possibility of slippage at the time of order opening. 

The EA is trend following, stop orders for pending orders are set in points. However, once a pending order triggers, stop orders can be moved depending on the EA parameters. Four options of stop-order placing are available: in points, in candlesticks and using one of the two indicators. By default, stop orders are set by candles.

The strategy works since 2008. Before this time the strategy was not consistent with market conditions.
  • This is a multi-currency robot which works on ten currency pairs at a time
  • It does not accumulate drawdown, always uses protective orders


  • Symbols - number of active pairs from 1 to 10 as a drop-down list:
    • One_pair - one pair
    • Two_pairs - two pairs
    • Three_pairs - three pairs
    • Four_pairs - four pairs
    • Five_pairs - five pairs
    • Six_pairs - six pairs
    • Seven_pairs - seven pairs
    • Eight_pairs - eight pairs
    • Nine_pairs - nine pairs
    • Ten_pairs - ten pairs
  • Tools - the list of default six-character symbol names: GBPUSD/EURUSD/USDJPY/USDCHF/USDCAD/AUDUSD/EURJPY/EURGBP/EURCHF. The robot reads the list from left to right.
  • Tools_2 - the list of default eight-character symbol names: GBPUSD.f/EURUSD.f/USDJPY.f/USDCHF.f/USDCAD.f/NZDUSD.f/AUDUSD.f/EURJPY.f/EURGBP.f /EURCHF.f. The robot reads the list from left to right.
  • Tools_3 - An arbitrary list if your symbols do not match the above lists, separate using /. It is important that all symbols have the same number of characters and the number of characters should not match the above listed symbols, otherwise the robot will read teh first proper list starting from the list Tools.
Note: Do not enter symbols with a different number of characters in the above list of symbols. Suppose that EURUSD has 6 digits and _EURUSD has 7 digits, GOLD has 4 digits, etc. If you fill it out incorrectly in the middle of the list, it will trade reading the first symbols till an error. If the list contains an error at the very beginning, the EA trades the current symbol
  • Step- The distance from the price at which the robot will have the pending order, this parameter has a great impact on trading results
  • Magic - EA ID
  • StopLoss - the stop loss level in points
  • RiskPercent - risk value for the automated money management
  • Slippage - maximum deviation from the requested price
  • TrailStart - distance from an order, from which stop order trailing is enabled
  • NoLoss - distance from the order, at which the stop order is moved to breakeven
  • MinProfitNoLoss - minimum profit to move to breakeven
  • UseTime - trading by time (server time is applied)
  • BeginTime - trading start time
  • EndTime - trading end time
  • CloseTime - close orders upon expiration (recommended)
  • Spread - maximum available spread
  • Period_SAR - indicator operation period 
  • SARStep - step 
  • SARMaximum - High 
  • UseBands = use of Bollinger Bands
  • Period_Bollinger = indicator operation period
  • BandsPeriod = number of bars for calculation
  • BandsDeviation = deviation
  • Comments - display information on the chart
  • CloseAll - close all orders and forbid trading


  • VPS is recommended. According to the strategy the robot has to have good server connectivity
  • The default pairs are recommended
  • Recommended period is H1
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Versão 2.0 2015.12.08
Separate EA units revised.