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Pulsation prices relative Open

The indicator shows the percentage change in the 'Open[0]-Close[0]' range value relative to the opening price 'Open[0]' for two options of calculation and data display.

Option 'TF'

The indicator is calculated for all major timeframes of one financial instrument.

Option 'FI'

The indicator is calculated on one selected timeframe for a certain number of financial instruments from Market Watch.

A Comment to the Algorithm

For each of the given (option 'TF') or specified (option 'FI') timeframe, it calculates and displays the percentage change of 'Bid-Open[0]' ('Open[0]-Bid') relative to the range of 'High[0]-Open[0]' ('Open[0]-Low[0]') for an uptrend or downtrend of interval histograms for the time series of a selected instrument.

A comment to Trade

This indicator belongs to the group of Sherkh model indicators, so profit within the statistically stable price fluctuation range 'Open[i]-Close[i]' is captured in accordance with the criteria of the selected probability of the variational series of financial instrument dynamics. Color histograms are used to control the the current dynamics vector direction and the fluctuation range.

Input parameters:

  • _I - The header of the main block of the indicator inputs
  • variant_TF_or_FI - data calculation option. 'TF' or 'FI'.
  • _II_variant_TF - The header of inputs required for 'TF' option calculations
  • symbol - financial instrument for which calculation is performed
  • _III_variant_FI - The header of inputs required for 'FI' option calculations
  • inputTotalSymbols - The number of financial instruments required to monitor dynamics. If set to '0', it uses all the financial instruments from Market Watch
  • tfperiod - Timeframe for indicator calculations
  • _IV_commonParameters - The header of inputs required for any option calculations
  • shift_X_Total - Shift of the indicator objects along the X axis
  • shift_Y_Total - Shift of the indicator objects along the Y axis
  • color_text - Color of the instrument's text label
  • color_period - Color of the 'Period' label
  • clr_text_Puls - Color of the 'Pulsation' label
  • clr_Bars_Up - Color of candles text labels in case of the uptrend
  • clr_Bars_Dn - Color of candles text labels in case of the downtrend
  • clr_RB_RG - Histogram color: true — red and blue, false — red and green
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Versão 3.0 2015.10.26
Fixed data display when the number of Symbols in the input parameters exceeds the number of financial instruments in the Market Watch window.
Versão 2.0 2015.10.16
New data output structure for the two options ('TF','FI') of display of price fluctuation ranges relative to the Open[0] price.

The list of financial instruments, for which the price fluctuation range is displayed, is based on the list of symbols from the Market Watch window.

New label of indicator objects, which allows to correctly display data of different indicator instances running on one chart.