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Fractal Candlestick and Pattern finder PRO

Candlesticks and Fractals are the ultimate tried and tested trading strategy and this is the easiest and most comprehensive indicator for their use.

Every Candlestick and Fractal pattern you can think of is. Each can be adjusted with a sensitivity ranging from 1 to 100 and each can signal an alert if you so wish. The sensitivity range has been mathematically calculated so that 50 is what most traders will use. However once you have a successful trading system in place the sensitivity changing allows you to fine tune your strategies.

Input parameters:

If set to true the indicator will appear on the charts, if false it will not:

  • General Fractal Up
  • General Fractal Down
  • Perfect Fractal Up
  • Perfect Fractal Down
  • Hammer
  • Shooting Star
  • Marubozu Up
  • Marubozu Down
  • doji
  • Spinning Top
  • Dragonfly Doji
  • Gravestone Doji
  • Inverted Hammer
  • Hanging Man
  • Star Top
  • Star Bottom
  • Harami Down To Up
  • Harami Up To Down
  • Harami
  • Piercing Line Up
  • Dark Cloud Cover

The Following parameters will set the color of each indicator when it appears on a chart:

  • General Fractal Up Color
  • General Fractal Down Color
  • Perfect Fractal Up Color
  • Perfect Fractal Down Color
  • Hammer Color
  • Shooting Star Color
  • Marubozu Up Color
  • Marubozu Down Color
  • Doji Color
  • SpinningTop Color
  • DragonFly Doji Color
  • GraveStone Doji Color
  • Inverted Hammer Color
  • Hanging Man Color
  • Star Top Color
  • Star Bottom Color
  • Harami Down To Up Color
  • Harami Up To Down Color
  • Harami Color
  • PiercingLine Up Color
  • Dark Cloud Cover Color

The Following parameters if set to true will send an alert when the indicator appears:

  • General Fractal Up Alert
  • General Fractal Down Alert
  • Perfect Fractal Up Alert
  • Perfect Fractal Down Alert
  • Hammer Alert
  • Shooting Star Alert
  • Marubozu Up Alert
  • Marubozu Down Alert
  • Doji Alert
  • Spinning Top Alert
  • Dragonfly Doji Alert
  • Gravestone Doji Alert
  • Inverted Hammer Alert
  • Hanging Man Alert
  • Star Top Alert
  • Star Bottom Alert
  • Harami Down To Up Alert
  • Harami Up To Down Alert
  • Harami Alert
  • PiercingLine Up Alert
  • Dark Cloud Cover Alert

The Following parameters can be set between 0-100 with a default of 50. The higher the sensitivity the less often a signal will appear but it will be a more powerful signal.

  • Hammer Sensitivity
  • Shooting Star Sensitivity
  • Marubozu Up Sensitivity
  • Marubozu Down Sensitivity
  • Doji Sensitivity
  • Spinning Top Sensitivity
  • DragonFly Doji Sensitivity
  • GraveStone Doji Sensitivity
  • Inverted Hammer Sensitivity
  • Hanging Man Sensitivity
  • PiercingLine Up Sensitivity
  • Dark Cloud Cover Sensitivity

About Fractal, Candlestick and pattern finder:

This really is the easiest and most comprehensive indicator of it's type. Just add the indicator to a chart and set the parameters you want.

Please check out my website for a description of each candlestick and how to trade them.

Please also email me with any additions you think could improve this indicator and i will be sure to include them quickly.


Thank you Oliver Loney.

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